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Spring Cleaning

Hoarding is not a good thing.  My laundry/craft room is only so big.  I have to make some decisions about what needs to go.  You would think I would start with the stuff you can see but I figured if I attacked the things inside the cabinets that I never go into then I’d have space for the things I can’t find a home for.  So I started with some magazines that I thought I never wanted to live without.  Turns out that since 1988 I have much more creative and crafting skill then the projects reflected in these back issues of a defunct magazine.

St Patricks Day and etc 007

Seriously…this would be the ugliest lamp ever.  Grab some lamp parts, plaster, rope, and a garbage bag and you get a shabby chic lamp?  Nope…not even close.

St Patricks Day and etc 008

While paging through my late 80’s collection of magazines I did learn some interesting things like Pillsbury’s Funetti cake line was new in 1989. Also I could make some nifty looking keepsake frames, mirrors, and boxes by gluing seashells I “found”  while on vacation all over them in a pleasing pattern.  I never want to do that…ever!  I really do like shells though.

St Patricks Day and etc 015

I could make the mother – daughter sweater set…but I don’t have a daughter…

St Patricks Day and etc 014

There are some leaflets and projects that I did do…I made the busts with heads made out of shrunken apples.  In my defense I did this in junior high school.  Sadly I no longer have the bust I made but seeing the project guide brought back fond memories indeed.  I also found a leaflet for making flowers out of pinecones.

St Patricks Day and etc 019

I did decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon garlands cascading down just like I saw in this picture.  It was one of my favorite trees!

St Patricks Day and etc 017

I did come across a real gem in my purging…a leaflet that has real possibilities.  In full disclosure I actually did wear crocheted vests like this made by my mom and grandma when I was in grade school.   I must have been too young at the time to realize that there was a need for bags to carry around your feathered farm animals and rabbits.  Who knew?!  I kept this instruction leaflet, it was too funny to ship off to the Goodwill.

St Patricks Day and etc 020

St Patricks Day and etc 022

I ran across my son’s membership packet for the Pee Wee Herman Fun Club…complete with 2 autographed 8 x 10 portraits.  And the purging continues…I’ll keep you posted on anything else of interest that I come across.