Taxi, please!

First Pair of Toe-Up Socks
Pattern:  Wendy’s Toe-Up Socks
Yarn:      Crown Mountain Farm Sock Hop (in discontinued Yellow Taxi Cab colorway)
Needle:   Size 2s KP

Lynette:  I’ve been wanting to learn to knit toe-up socks for quite a while now.  I bought Wendy Johnson’s Socks from the Toe-Up a few years ago thinking I’d teach myself but was never really motivated.  I missed a class at Loopy’s last year because of work so a few of the women at my Panera group (Barb and Celeste) showed me how.  I had problems getting the hang of the cast on so I watched a YouTube video for Judy’s Magic Cast on which really helped.

sock in progress

I loved trying on my sock and watching it grow up my leg.  I used almost every bit of it.  I left just enough for darning.  Since I decided I’d use all the yarn for the sock, I used a contrast color for the ribbing.  In order for it to fit over my calf, I knit 3 inches.  For my next pair, I’ll include calf shaping. My calves are huge, and I never knit socks this long before.  For the bind off, I used JSSBO (Judy’s Super Stretchy Bind Off) technique.

This incredibly wonderful yarn is from Crown Mountain Farms.  I remember seeing this yarn early on when I began knitting, and when I finally decided to buy it, it was no longer available.  Years later, I was visiting with Karen NOT to buy yarn, I left her house with it mainly because I could name the yarn and colorway immediately when I saw it.  Thank you!

I love knitting with handspun yarn so much that I began a new hobby.  More on this in another post.  But I LOVE my socks!

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