Jagged Little Cowl

Dee:  Yes, I have too much yarn and no that never deters me from looking at more yarn.  An outing with gal pal Terry proved to be very fruitful and so this is how I came to find a couple of beautiful skeins of Araucania Cau Cau at Knitche.  The skeins were different colors but that didn’t stop me because I am the self anointed queen of the single skein.  I just knew I would find the perfect project for this yummy yarn…but as I searched I discovered that nothing out there really was what I had envisioned so I began to tinker and came up with this gorgeous little Missoni inspired piece of neck wear that I call the Jagged Little Cowl.

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Jagged Little Cowl

  • Two skeins of Araucania Cau Cau in complimenting shades.  Color A is 7 and color B is 8.
  • US 9 circular needle
  • One stitch maker

With color A….. CO 144 stitches (a multiple of 12) and joined in the round and proceed as follows:

Purl one round. Switch to color B and knit one round. Purl next round then switch to color A and proceed with the following patterned rows changing colors after row 2.

Row 1: (K1, yo, K4, Sl1-K2tog-psso, K4, yo)
Row 2: Knit

I switched colors after every knit row and carried the yarn up as I went. Work until piece is 12 inches long ending with a row 2 worked in color B.
Using color A purl one round then knit one round.
Using color B purl one round then cast off using a stretchy cast off.
Block lightly rounding out the scallops.

Happy knitting!

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