Ravellenics Project

Monica: I had a hard time deciding what project I wanted to work on for the Ravellenics. I thought I would be able to finish a sweater forgetting that the games only last 2 weeks. So I looked through my considerable queue and finally decided on the Camptown Races cowl. I was lucky enough to receive the yarn and pattern for my birthday a few years ago and I decided it was time to knit it up.

I am using Plucky Knitter Plucky Sport yarn in these lovely colors.cowl yarn

I didn’t get to cast on until way after the opening ceremonies had started because I was at work and I can’t knit while working. Sad face, I know.


That is what I have so far. I’m not able to work on it as much as I thought I could so I’m glad I only chose one project for the event. Hopefully I’ll make a little more progress on it this week.



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