Holden Shawlette
Pattern: Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes
Yarn: Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in Coral Sap

Monica: I had some yarn leftover from the previous shawl project but I didn’t weigh it to see how much yardage I had left so I decided to just go ahead and knit another shawl and see how big it would be. The yarn is heavier weight than what the pattern used and I used larger needles. I followed the pattern instructions to knit stockinette until I had 193 stitches before I started the feather and fan section but I only knit 2 rows of the lace part before I ran out of yarn. I decided I wanted more lace.

Wearing Holden

I ripped back to 141 stitches and instead of knitting 3 repeats in the pattern I knit 2. I also wasn’t able to knit as many iterations of the chart before I ran out of yarn. But I think it turned out okay.

Buddy roasting with shawl

It was big enough to wrap around Buddy while he roasted in the sun.

5 thoughts on “Holden

  1. Lynette

    Ok, now I know I’m not crazy. I thought that was the same yarn from the previous shawl. It looks very pretty on both you and Buddy.

  2. 2paw

    Buddy is a lucky and stylish Labrador!! That’s a beautiful shawl, I think big lace looks lovely, you can see it better than small lace. I hope Buddy was paid in treats for his modelling. Black Labradors do get so hot.


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