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This year, I promised myself to learn new things-knitting and non-knitting related.  My post shows one of the things I’ve learned so far.

I’ve been living with this secret that no one’s known about until now.  I love knitting.  Anyone who knows me will attest to that. But when I finish knitting a project, I’m completely done with it. And sometimes I wish to be finished before the project is over.  With that said, I have a few projects that have been haunting me, and I’ve ignored for a long time. And I finally  had the courage to do something about it.   Here’s my secret:

socks with holes

I’ve been wearing socks with holes in them.  I know-the horror.  I took the holes in my socks as a sign of love, but maybe it was laziness.  What was I to do? Through them out? So I bought a darning egg and attempted to fix my socks, but the darning egg was too small.  I looked around and ended up using a Christmas ornament. I found this blog and was it was the most effective method for me to repair my socks.  So one pair went from this:

brown holed socks

to this:

woven sock

Voila! A repaired sock. I know it doesn’t look great, but if you read the blog in the link, the woven area will even out as I wear it.  So here’s my after shot of all my holey socks (click for bigger).

fixed socks3

I feel much better getting that off my chest.

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