First Annual Local Yarn Shop Day!

Dee:  Well, we have a new “Hallmark” holiday to celebrate, April 21 is Local Yarn Shop Day.  Please correct me if I am wrong however, I thought every day was a local yarn shop day.  In light of this new holiday I will of course be celebrating by making the trek to my not-as-local-as-I-would-like yarn shop, String Theory in Glen Ellyn.  Before I make the journey I want to discuss something sparked by an article I read on the Post Stitch blog.   It’s an excellent post, so you should read it.

How does one build or curate their perfect stash?   The answer is probably different for each knitter depending of course upon their preferred knitting tendencies.   My knitting preferences have evolved over time as I am sure yours have as well.  Please do not show me a “hairy” yarn. I never want to use eyelash yarn again.  The funny thing is that non-knitters love that type of yarn so they will get them from me in the form of a gift should I discover any remnant skeins in my stash.   I am also pretty much over space dyed yarns.  It’s not to say that I will never buy another beautifully colored skein, they are gorgeous however, it’s not my current crave.  Pooling is a huge reason they have fallen out of favor with me.  Keeping my pattern options open is what motivates my purchases these days.  I did buy three skeins of yarn at YarnCon and all of them were solids.  I also enjoy lightly speckled yarns and semi-solids.  I have created a few rules to follow for spontaneous stash enhancements.

  1. Can I live without it?
  2. Do I have yarn already like it?
  3. Does it provide me with enough knitting options?

Another rule to consider is when I decide to make a purchase I always ask myself if there is enough yardage to make what I have in mind.  You can certainly single skein yourself to death.  Sometimes purchasing more is in fact the one hundred percent the best option and that’s the truth.

I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on how you are curating your stash.  Please share, and happy knitting!


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