Taking the Plunge



Monica: That is a picture of a sweater I started a few weeks ago. I’ve had the yarn and pattern in my stash forever and I decided I didn’t want to avoid it any more. The pattern is an old Dale of Norway one that is probably going to be celebrating it’s tenth birthday soon. I just looked on Ravelry for a release date and couldn’t find one but I noticed it’s number 2 in my queue.

The reason I’ve been avoiding it is because of the scary steeking that I will have to do on the sweater. One of my friends at work is working on a Lopi sweater that involves steeking so she unintentionally pushed me into finally working on my project. It’s not a quick project. I already ripped 6 inches because I didn’t read the instructions. But I do like fair isle knitting so I didn’t mind too much.

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