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A Gift for My Neighbor

Monica: I’ve been lucky to live near some nice people who are friendly and generous. It’s always nice to know that if I have an emergency I can count on them for help. This summer when I mentioned that I was going to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival my neighbor joked that she wanted me to bring her a sheep back. So I did. Except it took me a while to get her over to them since I had to make her.

naked sue

Pattern: Sue the Ewe by Rita O’Connell
Yarn: Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill kit

I really enjoyed knitting her. She was easier than Sam the Ram. I did a lot of 3-needle bind off when I could but there was some kitchener grafting with the 4 legs.

with shawl

The pattern came with a shawl which was a surprisingly intricate lace pattern. It actually took me a while to knit the small shawl.

sweater weather

That last picture is for Lynette. I found an article in my Elle magazine called “Sweater Weather” — a topic of great interest to Sue.

Shifting Gears to Gifting.

Dee:  After my month long knit-a-thon for NaKniSweMo, which I totally plan to participate in next year, I’ve started in with crafting Christmas gifts.  Well, I did switch out the bear buttons on my sweater first for ones that had Nordic design and just look better overall.

2015-12-03 09.48.08

So, then I got to business and tried my hand at some crochet…not my strong suit…at all.  I wanted a sunny side up egg cotton washcloth to gift with a bar of bacon soap that I found at a craft show.  I had to watch an online video frame by frame to learn how to crochet a flat circle.  After that I had to adapt my stitches to keep the thing flat and a bit free form to mimic the egg.  It turned out pretty well and made me smile so all’s good.

2015-12-03 10.04.09

Next I got to work on some wooden sheep ornaments.  I placed a custom order back in July with a guy on Etsy and then added my own felt ears before wrapping them up in colorful fleece.   I have an entire flock to outfit however they need to have their ears added first.  Cute huh?!

2015-12-06 10.08.142015-12-06 10.06.06

More to come…happy knitting!


Monica: I didn’t think I would do it but I managed to finish my NaKniSweMo project with one day left to spare.

Sous sous

Lucky for me I had several days off work due to the Thanksgiving holiday so I could knit as much as I want. I wove in all the ends yesterday and texted a similarly awful picture to Lynette.

Stanley cup!!

I was still wearing my pajamas when I took the picture. Classy!

This sweater was easy to knit and the yarn I used, Wollmeise DK, had lovely stitch definition. I love how comfy this sweater is and versatile enough to dress up or down.

After I finish posting this sweater I’m going to finish up a hat and start on some baby sweaters.