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Sunflower Tam

Dee:  Although I would not consider myself to have Attention Deficit Disorder I do have “knitter’s flight of fancy” as I am easily distracted from the project in hand to something else entirely.  Thus was the case with getting a hat knit up for July.

I was working on the Blackberry Ridge Tam and got side tracked with finishing my gradient version of the Colorful Day Cowl and then by the Veil Stitch cowl  which is my ongoing take along project.   As I saw the days of July quickly pass by me, I decided to grab a quicker knit from my queue, The Sunflower Tam so I could stay on course for knitting a hat a month for 2015.  I met Norah Gaughan when I was in California in May.  I have knit her tam once before as a gift.  The design is from her Knitting Nature book and draws on the geometry of sunflowers and pineapples both of which are very much a part of summer, at last they are to me.  I rifled through my wool and found a skein of Bartlettyarns Fisherman 2-ply in Lupine which looks much more blue than purple in person.

2015-07-19 16.06.19

I’ll probably return to the Blackberry Ridge Tam now, however I have a craving to knit a shawl for fall.  It’s Cameo and I have two colors of Valley Yarns Charlemont one is their discontinued kettle dye in Burgundy and the other is a skein of their Dusk that I had purchased online from WEBS just so I could begin this project.  Happy knitting!

Happy 4th!

Dee: Happy 4th everyone!  I’ve got a Crock-pot full of barbecue pulled pork to be served on brioche buns, chili lime spiced corn on the cob, barbecue beans, and a fresh strawberry pie with fresh whipped cream all set for our Independence Day dinner.  Followed by an evening with friends and fireworks, making it a fun and delicious menu for the day.

I continue to knit and craft my way to sanity.  Since I last typed,  I’ve finished my second Colorful Day Cowl with a fuschia gradient 5-pack of Sophie’s Toes.  This project accompanied me to California in May, to KIP day as well as countless waiting rooms and lunch breaks.   I love it and will love wearing it in the fall.

2015-06-28 08.13.46


I took Terry out for her birthday and we went to make glass fused pendants which turned out pretty nice.  This was my second attempt with improved results.  I think I want to go again one more time.  Mine is on the right.

2015-07-01 13.18.46

I love giving handcrafted gifts whenever possible, so this explains the barefoot jewelry I made for a pool lounge loving co-worker’s birthday. Basically I used 26-inch length of 7 mm elastic cord that I strung with seed beads for around the toe adding an other mixed set of earthy colored beads accented with some silver tone etched sun beads.   The result may be a bit frivolous yet also sort of fun.

2015-07-03 18.52.36

I continue to work on my hat for July as well as the Noro Veil Stitch Cowl in their Taiyo Sock yarn.  The stitch is so fun to work and the result is open and airy.  I cannot wait to wear this one in fall with plain dresses and tops.  The reason I chose the Taiyo over my other choices was the fact it’s 50% cotton, making it cooler to wear indoors all day.    This is now my travelling project and the two color hat stays at home.

Happy knitting!