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April Showers!

Dee:  I’ve been continuing with my quest to knit one hat a month.  However, I have two hats to share with you for the month of April.  I started a Salut Cheri Beret at the beginning of an all day work related training session and the only thing that stopped me from completing it while I was there was my apparent lack of packing a set of dpn.   Here is she all knit up with some Road to China and looking so pretty.

2015-04-19 14.19.03


My second hat I actually started in the fall just before knitting camp.  It’s a swatch hat for the Fearless Cardigan called the Fearless Hat by the lovely Amy Detjen.   I only had the brim completed so it’s almost completely knit in April so I’m counting it.  I am still a freak for stranded knitting but I am such a hater of weaving in the ends.  If I decide to keep the hat for myself I’ll live on the edge and not weave in any ends in but if I decide to gift it I’ll just have to suck it up do the dirty deed.

2015-04-25 08.35.36

I also finished the Colorful Day Cowl using a Magic Ball from Sophie’s Toes in Emily’s Cosmopolitan colorway.  I loved knitting this cowl so much that I bought more yarn, a gradient skein set in pinks from Sophie’s Toes to knit a second Colorful Day Cowl while shopping at YarnCon.

2015-04-09 07.13.02

YarnCon is probably my favorite yarn festival for stash acquisition.  I love everything about this event.  I love the selection, I love the vendors, I love the location, I love the parking, I love the food truck…I could go on and on.  Just look at what I came home with!   I’m completely smitten with Knitcircus Yarn.  I can’t seem to get enough of it.  Shhhh!  Don’t tell Mike!

2015-04-19 14.23.22Now I need to decide on a hat pattern for May…I’ll be traveling so it might have to be a simpler one. Happy Knitting!  I’ll type again soon…I promise.