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New Year, New Challenge

Dee:  It would not surprise anyone to find out that my favorite thing to knit is a hat.   I have many in my queue and many in my closet.  I had just finished knitting my first knit hat of the new year when I realized that I wanted more, so as a result I am challenging myself to knit a hat a month in 2015.

My January entry is the Noro Bobble Hat.  To combat the post holiday blues I reached for a yarn that would instantly provide some cheer…Noro Kureyon (pronounced just like crayon).  The pattern is also very happy and cheerful.  I have a hard time not smiling when I say “bobble.”  As I was knitting the hat my husband saw what I was working on and said, “That hat is special, you should keep that one.”  So I did.

2015-01-11 08.54.14  2015-01-11 08.53.31

I will admit to using a crochet hook for the k7tog since that would have been difficult to master over and over again otherwise.  I tried two different methods of doing this but found that by slipping the stitches directly as they lined up from the left needle onto the hook and then wrapping the working yarn and pulling it through created a straighter line with no lean.  I do have a float across the back of the bobble on the inside of the hat but no one can see this but me.

The first method I tried was to slip the stitches onto the hook as they would have been oriented had I knitted the seven stitches together as usual, beginning far left with the seventh stitch from the end of the needle.  I didn’t like the lean I achieved so I switched things up. You can do that with knitting.  It’s one of the things I love and learned by going to knitting camp.  If it feels good, knit it that way. Thank you Meg and Amy.  Happy knitting!