Monthly Archives: May 2014

Warm Weather

Monica: Finally today it hit the 80’s. It was humid but I’ll take the sunshine. During lunch my knitting group walked over to a doughnut shop and got some ice cream sandwiches made with doughnuts.
ice cream sandwich made with donuts

Hazelnut ice cream in between a powdered sugar doughnut. I did not have one but I heard it was excellent.

making the sandwich in the background

Instead I had one of those smaller chocolate glazed doughnuts filled with espresso cream. It was yummy of course.

We were very efficient in scarfing down the doughnuts and had plenty of time to sit outside and knit. We also got to see some bridges go up.

bridges up

So some ships could get to the lake.

fancy boats crossing

It was nice to spend some time outside. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it more often this summer.

It Snowed Yesterday

Monica: I would like to pretend that it was a dream. Mother Nature has been very tough on us this spring. We have been able to take Zoey out a few times when the weather has been tolerable. I’ve been able to take some pictures of Spring. It’s coming soon I hope.

purple lilacs

We have these beautiful lilacs that bloom around Mother’s Day which is mid-May. Charlie used to drive to his high school and pick a big bunch to give to his mother because those were her favorite flowers. They have a very intoxicating fragrance.

white lilacs

They also come in white.

magnolia tree
Before it snowed and rained and was really windy we had beautiful magnolia trees.

crabapple tree

and crabapple trees. Now the ground is littered with petals that blew off the trees and are stuck because of the rain.
fungi on a tree trunk

These mushrooms were growing on the trunk of a big tree. Maybe as a result of all of the rain we’ve had.

I hope we are done with snow for a while!