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Another pair of squirrel mittens

Squirrel Mitts
Pattern: Squirrel-in-the-Woods Mittens by Elli Stubenrauch
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash

Monica: I love squirrels. I love seeing them scurry around gathering their food for winter. So it’s no surprise that when I see a knitting pattern that has squirrels on it I queue it immediately. I saw the pattern above when it was “recommended” to me by Ravelry. Have you seen this feature? It takes projects that you’ve posted, what you’ve queued and what you’ve set up as a favorite and determines what patterns match those the best. Just type “” into your browser and you’ll see the recommended patterns for you. I had to buy the book just for the pattern. In my excitement I didn’t notice that the squirrel was duplicate stitched and not knit. I decided to do it anyway and try to knit it but after 2 tries it didn’t look right. So I ripped it and knit the second mitten without the squirrel. Then I sucked it up and watched this video on how to duplicate stitch and did it as best as I could. It’s another one of those things where “practice makes perfect”. Life seems to be full of those lessons.

Before Winter Arrives

Monica: I thought I’d post some pictures of Fall color around my neighborhood.

Yellow tree
Red orange tree
Red-orange leaves
Oak leaves

Of course we got our first snowfall this week and it’s been really cold all week. So I guess Fall is officially over.

I Didn’t Go To Rhinebeck, But…

Lynette:   I’ll start by saying that once you’ve experienced Rhinebeck, you’ll want to go every year.  With that being said, I couldn’t go this year, but still wanted the wonderful experience. Seeing beautiful foliage, leaves crunching, meeting other fiber enthusiasts wearing their Rhinebeck sweaters and buying yarn. Here are my pictures from Rhinebeck 2012, and I called it that because I knew there’d be a Rhinebeck 2013.  Ahhh, oh well.

Instead, a few friends and I went to The Fold.  Toni was at Rhinebeck (and so was all the Socks that Rock yarn), but her husband was very helpful.  Monica mentioned to me that Eric,  their German Shepherd, had died and they’d gotten a new dog.  I wasn’t prepared to meet Eric’s ghost.  His name is Storm, and he was a wonderful host.  I almost forgot why I trekked to the store.
meeting storm      me and storm

On this trip, I went with fresh eyes since I began spinning.  I wanted fiber.  Their wheels, drop spindles and fiber were all so great.  I was a bit overwhelmed seeing all the goodies in person, but was pretty good and happy with what I walked away with.

wheels and fiber     wall of color fiber

I bought 2lbs of Merino to one day spin up for a sweater.  I also bought a 4oz braid of Malabrigo Nube.  The colorway looked great.

my haul from the fold

I also bought a skein of Donegal Tweed to make a newsboy hat.  If you know my history with these hats you’d think I’d have hundreds at home, but I only have one.  Lastly I bought yarn called Tahki Charly to make the He Said She Said hat/cowl set by Bonne Marie Burns.  There was a sample hat in the store, and when I tried it on, it fit over my big curly hair.  Score!

We ended the day at Cracker Barrel eating and reminiscing because we did go to Rhinebeck last year, but decided that a day at The Fold was just as nice.  And I got to meet Storm.  He wouldn’t fit in my bag, but he did follow me to the car.   🙂


Super Mega Stash Enhancement

Monica: I’m really posting this for Susan but you should all bear witness to my insanity. A few weeks ago Lynette tweeted that since she couldn’t go to Rhinebeck she was going to The Fold instead. I thought I’d tag along with her. But my schedule wasn’t flexible and I didn’t go because I started feeling guilty about a little private fiber festival of sorts that I had back in September. See my friend Diana went to Bainbridge Island and she was going to a yarn shop that I have always wanted to visit and she offered to bring back something for me. So when she got back we decided we had to get together at a yarn shop that I hadn’t been to since it changed locations. So even before I got to the yarn shop I already had some yarn waiting for me.

churchmouse scarf

I got a kit to make the Bias Before and After scarf.

But that week the store was running a special deal on Isager yarn and I had received an email about this pretty cowl and I wanted to use the sale yarn for the cowl. Then I got worried that the yarn would be sold out before I would be able to get to the store so I ordered it online and picked it up at the store.

kinetic yarn

Besides meeting up with Diana I wanted to get yarn at the store for to make my dog walker a pair of mittens for Christmas. I didn’t want to use acrylic but superwash wool instead which I don’t have in my stash. So I got some yarn at the store.

trees mittens

And then pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back was this pattern I saw at the store. And again I remembered the yarn that was on sale.

shibui no 21

So that happened.