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In one of my many insane moments

Monica: I decided I wanted to knit stoles to give to my aunt and my aunt’s sister who both live in the Philippines. When I saw them in June they would pull out fabric scarves from their purses when the air conditioning got too cold. My aunt and uncle are heading there in October so I thought I could finish 2 before they left. I dug through the stash and found a few skeins of tencel yarn which was perfect because they do not need wool stoles in the Philippines. No matter how cold the air conditioning is. A few weeks ago I cast on and feverishly knit and knit until I finished one. It helped that I was on vacation for a week and I had some time on the plane to work on it.

Bird of Juno Stole
Pattern: Bird of Juno Scarf and Wrap by Michelle Miller
Yarn: Teresa Ruch Tencel 5/2

I have already knit this pattern 2 times but I knew this pattern was perfect for the yarn so I knit it again.
Closeup of lace pattern

Isn’t it the prettiest lace pattern? The minute I finished it I searched for another pattern because although I liked this pattern I didn’t think I could knit another one immediately after.

Nashira Stole
Pattern: Nashira Stole by knittedblissJC
Yarn: Teresa Ruch Tencel 5/2

The body of the scarf is made up of 2 rows and you had to knit it for 30 inches. Which was a large test of patience for me as I found it a little tedious and wanted to get to the exciting part.

Nashira Stole

But it’s really a beautiful pattern. I highly recommend both of them. And every photo shoot ends with Buddy doing this.

I want to go inside

It’s his “please please please let me go inside before Mom makes me model the stoles” photo.

A Shawl for Lynne

Lynne in her Hazeline
Pattern: Hazeline by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Briar Rose Fibers Sea Pearl

Monica: A few months ago I asked Lynne to do something for me and jokingly told her I’d knit her a shawl in exchange. Then I thought some more about it and decided I could knit her a shawl. I have lots of yarn and lots of shawl patterns that I want to knit so I picked one and got started. I worked on it during my commute to work and during my lunch hours so it was slow going but I enjoyed every minute of it as the pattern was easy to follow and I love the yarn.

Hazeline Shawl

I started out knitting the smaller size but when I was on the last row of the edging I noticed I had a lot of yarn left over so I started over and knit 4 instead of 2 repeats of the first chart. Then I only had enough to knit one repeat of the second chart but I think it looks good anyway.