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Pretend it’s a post from June

Monica: One of the places we got to visit in the Philippines was the city of Tagaytay. It was a quick drive from Manila so a lot of people go there to escape the heat. Although it still felt hot and humid to me.


One of the biggest attractions of Tagaytay is a the Taal volcano and lake. There was no one in the lake swimming or fishing and they told us that it’s because the lake is polluted.

posing in front of taal

You can tour the area near the volcano by horseback but we didn’t do that.
volcano crater

We rode up to the top of the city and had lunch at a place called Sonya’s Garden.
lunch at sonia's

Sonya’s Garden wasn’t just a restaurant but also a bed and breakfast with beautiful gardens.
more pretty flower petal bowl another tropical plant lush greeery fun tropical plants

I found out that the owner Sonya loves dogs. Here she is with one of them Aldo, who is wearing a bow tie.
the owner with one of her dogs of course i found a black lab

And all dogs love belly rubs.
of course the dog loved belly rubs

On the way home we picked up a bunch of Senorita bananas.
picking out the perfect bunch

and we had them for breakfast the next morning. They were very sweet and tasty.

for breakfast