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Holden Shawlette
Pattern: Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes
Yarn: Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in Coral Sap

Monica: I had some yarn leftover from the previous shawl project but I didn’t weigh it to see how much yardage I had left so I decided to just go ahead and knit another shawl and see how big it would be. The yarn is heavier weight than what the pattern used and I used larger needles. I followed the pattern instructions to knit stockinette until I had 193 stitches before I started the feather and fan section but I only knit 2 rows of the lace part before I ran out of yarn. I decided I wanted more lace.

Wearing Holden

I ripped back to 141 stitches and instead of knitting 3 repeats in the pattern I knit 2. I also wasn’t able to knit as many iterations of the chart before I ran out of yarn. But I think it turned out okay.

Buddy roasting with shawl

It was big enough to wrap around Buddy while he roasted in the sun.


Monica: Someone at work has a friend who went to medical school with a knitter who was knitting a full skeleton. Below are some of her projects:

skeleton foot
knitted sacrum
Upper and lower spinal column
upper-lower-spinal column

People continue to amaze me with their creativity.

Been a While

the face!
Monica: That pretty face has been taking up a bit of my time. Zoey is an escape artist so we have instituted a 2-leash system — one on her harness and one on her collar. We are working on some obedience training now.

I managed to finish a sweater.

Front of Raiun
Pattern: Raiun by Kirsten Johnstone
Yarn: Fleur de Fiber Aries Oceanus in Potlucky

I really love this sweater. It’s fingering weight so perfect for air-conditioned indoors. The pattern was not boring at all even though it was a lot of knitting. I am seriously thinking about knitting another one. The wonderful yarn was dyed by Angela and I got it at Windy Knitty a few months ago when she was having a trunk show at the store. I have this obsession with fingering weight sweaters that has caused me to amass sweater quantities of yarn. I think this may be the first one I’ve actually finished. I am working on a worsted-weight sweater now but I might put it aside for another fingering weight one. We’ll see.

Long Gone…Yarn Con

So I went with friend Celeste to Yarn Con but never posted about it because I have uploading issues.  Whenever I am uploading picture files the gamers in my home get angry.  So let’s see how many pictures I can upload before someone asks me why I am making their life miserable…

Okay so no pictures are being successfully uploaded tonight…poop!

So we arrived at Yarn Con not knowing that there was a giveaway to the first 50 people.  Since we were among those lucky knitters I started my adventure with a Yarn Con cloth bag of goodies: Yarn Con tsotchkes, small plastic zippered coin purse, small spiral notepad, Yarn Con button, pen, and tape measure.  The Fall/Winter issue of By Hand magazine, In a While, Crocodile sweater pattern, Tribune Scarflette pattern, and a skein of Juniper Moon Farm Marlowe yarn.

I didn’t buy tons…just the California Dreamin’ shawl pattern and some Grinning Gargoyle Mink Lace yarn to knit it up in.  I also bought some Grinning Gargoyle Daphne in a periwinkle shade called Twinkle.  And lastly I finally bought yarn worthy of knitting the Color Affection shawl…I bought a Color Trio of Sophie’s Toes MCN in a blue grey, burgundy and purple-blue.

As far we knitting goes I have completed a few projects.  Here is my Pay It Forward Lacey Shawl, an owl hat, and a Norwegian cap for some recently arrived babies.  I had actually had the owl hat all knit up quite a while back but I never bothered to sew on the eyes and beak since it was fine detail work.  It’s super cute though and was worthy of being completed.

Sorry about all the links but sometimes that’s how it goes…at least I posted….and that is the important thing here.

Happy knitting all and Happy Cinco de Mayo!