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Starry Night Shawl

Starry Nights Shawl
Pattern: Starry Night Shawl by Michelle Miller
Yarn: Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in Coral Sap

Monica: I needed another knitting project for the commute and because I finished a scarf that was time-consuming I wanted a quick yet challenging project. Michelle’s shawl patterns usually fit the bill for me. And with beautiful yarn you cannot go wrong.

Trying to photograph sequins

The yarn has sequins in it which adds a really pretty touch to the shawl but they are difficult to photograph in sunlight. My family members are not usually prone to exclaim over any kind of bling/shininess (is that even a word?) but they were all attracted to the sequins when they saw me knitting the shawl. They would pick up the project and stare at it and say ooh and put it down.

New Yarn

school products yarns purchases
Monica: That is what I got in NY a few weeks ago. The brown skein is camel yarn and the pink yarn is a cashmere blend. Both are lace weight and I don’t know what I’ll make with them yet but I’m sure I’ll find something.

wollmeise lace

Sometimes (who am I kidding – most times) I do not have any willpower and purchase something that I have to have. I saw Wollmeise Lace yarn for sale at The Loopy Ewe and jumped to get a skein. So there it is–isn’t it pretty?

And finally remember when I went to Windy Knitty to see Angela? This is what I bought:
fleur de fiber aries oceanus

So that should be all on the new yarn posts for a while. I cannot buy any yarn for a while because my knitting time has lessened because my sister and I adopted Zoey a week ago:

My friends don’t have time for her any more and instead of taking her to a shelter I offered to take her. She’s very sweet and we have lots of fun together.

Onto the Yarn Shop Visits

Monica: My original plan was to go to Purl again since we were going to be in the Soho area. But when we got to Broome Street I couldn’t remember what the store building looked like. Plus I had an entourage of 8 people with me and I know that we would never fit in the store. And even though the ones not interested in shopping for yarn and fabric could wait outside – they don’t and I didn’t want to be rude telling everyone to wait outside. So since I’d been to Purl many times already I didn’t mind missing it this time.

However we decided to go the United Nations plaza on Saturday. And getting off at the closest subway stop would conveniently have us walk by School Products Yarns.
School Products Yarn Shop

The shop was nice. The owner was really nice too.
it was very cosy inside

While I was paying for my yarn the owner mentioned that Habu was 4 floors above them in the same building. And I nonchalantly said, “Oh, since we’re in the same building I might as well stop up there.” (Yes I did purchase some yarn but I haven’t had time to take their picture yet.)

So all 8 of us got into the elevator and went to Habu.
baskets of yarn

There were baskets and shelves full of yarn.

and beautiful fabric.

habu fabric

I’ve been able to get their yarn so I wasn’t salivating over it as much as the fabric. But the fabric was very much out of my price range so I just fondled the bolts and left without making any purchases.

Oh and the UN was closed to visitors on Saturday so it ended up being a quick trip for us.

at the UN Plaza

A Trip to New York

Monica: My sisters and I met in New York to have a quick visit with my mom’s siblings. This was my niece and nephew’s second time in NY so we checked out a few places that they had not seen before. My nephew wanted to try a reuben from a deli so we chose Katz’s Deli.

katz's deli

I did not go inside so I have no pictures of the place. I did taste the corned beef and it was good but I’ve had better. We had yummy dim sum at a restaurant in Brooklyn’s Chinatown.

dim sum of course

We went to the New York Public Library.


It’s such a pretty building and has wonderful ambiance that I would visit everyday if I lived there. Here’s a view from the Apple store at Grand Central Station:

picture taken from the apple store

The store is HUGE! It was spread out over the entire half of the upper floor. Like every Apple store I’ve visited it was packed full of shoppers.

My niece is 14 years old and one of her favorite activities is shopping. She can’t help it – it’s genetic. That gene is very prominent in her mom and her aunt. One of her favorite stores is Forever 21. She was soooo excited to be going to NYC because apparently there is a huge store in Times Square.

times square

Times Square is a good place to go if you feel like you need to see people. Lots and lots of people.

I dragged my family to a few yarn shops. I will save that post for later.