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Halfway there?

This was a great weekend for knitting. I just finished on-call and was basically too tired to leave the house on Saturday.  It was Day 7 and I knit a total of 3,360.  Yesterday, I knit over 10K, and here’s my progress.
antrorse 2
I’m knitting my sweater with positive ease (a first for me), and I truly hope I calculated correctly.  I measured and it’s about 20″ almost time for the garter trim.  If I estimated accurately, I will be finished with the body by the end of the week.  Crossing fingers.

My other activity on Saturday was baking old-fashioned biscuits with my Gracie.  I am channeling my mom’s cooking vibes really heavy these days.  Anyway, Gracie and I were a tad bit excited with the rolling, and our biscuits were flat. Still delicious though.
FullSizeRender (19)

Gracie also asked for meatballs and spaghetti so we made these turkey meatballs.  No pics because they were that delicious!

I’m In Too!

Lynette:   I saw Dee’s Facebook post a few days ago about NaKniSweMo and decided to cast (on) myself in the ring. I joined a few years ago attempting to knit Beatnik, which ended in two knitted sleeves only. This year, I will try very hard to knit to completion.  My project is Antrorse, and I was inspired by Susan B. Anderson’s knitting progress.  I follow her on Instagram and FB (I’m a social media stalker). The sweater is simple enough with just enough detail to make it interesting and gorgeous.

I made a quick trip to The Knitche yesterday to pick out yarn.  Ann was very helpful in helping me select my final choice.

I’ve printed my pattern, filled in the appropriated stitch counts and I’m ready to cast on.
antrorse 1

Wish me luck as I’m ready to cast on. I promise to post progress pics, and hopefully a finished sweater by the end of November.


Dee:   Sometimes when I have a moment to myself, I discover wondrous things.  I’ve just discovered NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month). So along with No Shave November, and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) there is now a November challenge that I can enjoy! Anyone with me? It’s only 50,000 stitches.  Please wish me luck as I turn this pile of Peace Fleece into the lovely Neckdown Cardigan by Diane Soucy.  I’m knitting it big to wrap myself up in to keep me warm this winter.  I also just really wanted an “outside” sweater.  Let’s be honest, Peace Fleece is not known as a next to your skin yarn so this has got to be outerwear.  I’m so happy I have this extra hour today to figure out which needle size I need to use.  Happy knitting!

2015-11-01 05.56.07

Lil’ Punkin’ Hat

Dee:  A dear friend is welcoming her first grandchild this month around Halloween.  I designed this sweet little hat for her little pumpkin to wear on the way home from the hospital.

2015-10-10 22.03.09

Lil’ Punkin’ Hat

Size: around 6 months


  • 100 yards of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in orange.
  • small amount of brown worsted weight yarn
  • US size 6 needles in both a 16-inch circular and dpns
  • stitch marker


Cast on 72 stitches.  Join in the round and knit 5 rows in stockinette stitch.

On round 6 begin pattern (K8, P1)* repeating round until hat measures 4.5-inches from cast on edge.

Decrease rows:

Row 1: (K2tog, k4, ssk , p1)*

Row 2: (k2tog, k2, ssk, p1)*

Row 3: (k2tog, ssk, p1)*

Row 4: (k2tog, p1)*

Row 5: (k2tog)* 8 stitches remain at the end of row.   Break orange yarn and begin using brown yarn.  You can begin knitting as you would an I-cord.

Rows 6-9: Using brown yarn. Knit 4 rows.

Row 10: (K2tog, k1)* repeat twice, k2tog.  5 stitches remain.

Rows 11-13:  Knit.

Row 14: K2tog twice, k1. 3 stitches remain.

Row 15-16: knit

Row 17: Cast off remaining stitches. Weave in ends.

2015-10-10 22.02.35

Happy knitting!


I Wanna Knit With Somebody

Dee:  Autumn is the season when a frost first hits in the air, when the leaves begin to change and knitters everywhere begin nesting and knitting with one another more than any other time of the year.  Every fall I make the pilgrimage to Marshfield, Wisconsin.  Two of the reasons I do,  are to knit with these two women Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen.

2015-10-04 12.05.06

This year the workshop focused on woolen sweaters knit in the Guernsey way.   The fishermen of Guernsey wear traditional Guernsey sweaters knit in off white and a dark navy, yet they are not wearing knit hats.  Many of the historical pictures show the men wearing a traditional fisherman’s cap atop their heads.  Since I wanted to knit a hat, I had to adapt.   By combining ideas and charts from multiple sources I came up with this lovely little knit hat and my October entry for hat of the month.

2015-10-10 11.18.372015-10-04 08.03.54

The trek to Marshfield was extra special fun this year with Desiree flying into Chicago and traveling with Jodee and I up to Wisconsin.  Along the way, we hooked up with Sylvia, Ruth, and Amy at KnitCircus in Madison.

2015-10-01 12.07.302015-10-01 11.56.572015-10-01 11.56.18

We all stopped for lunch at La Baguette in Madison where I ordered my usual fare, tuna on ciabatta…and a pumpkin tart of course!

2015-10-01 12.29.26

There are so many delightful sights in Marshfield, Wisconsin…this is just one of them.

2015-10-01 17.09.08

Happy knitting!



Dee:  September, I love the month, I love the song, I love football, I love fall, I love the return of all things pumpkin, and the end of summer!    To celebrate I have two hats to share with you for my “2015 Hat A Month Project” entries for September!

The first hat, I attribute to bloglesscarla’s latest hat knitting obsession.  She shared her love of knitting the Violet Waffles Hat.  It was a pretty little thing all textured and squishy looking so I grabbed my skein of swag yarn from YarnCon all dyed up in a special colorway called “Undead Plumber” and knit myself a “Violent Waffles Hat.”  I love it!  Can a girl ever have too many hats?  I think not.

2015-08-28 10.44.532015-08-28 10.44.20

Y’all gave me such a wonderful response to my Go Pack! Hat that I decided to knit a second one in another one of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky colorways, Zombie BBQ.   I love this hat just as much even if it doesn’t live up to the awesomeness of the pattern’s name.

2015-08-28 21.34.562015-08-28 21.35.15

I took at trip up to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend with friends Terry and Celeste.  I’ll admit to bringing home a few tasty little skeins of yarn that I just had to have.  Yet that is a post for another time…Happy knitting.

Go Pack! Hat

Dee:  My favorite season has finally arrived!   Football season!  I needed a Green Bay Packers hat so I designed a beginner friendly hat pattern that highlights one of my favorite yarns from Lorna’s Laces.  Lorna’s Laces dyes up exclusive regional colorways for yarn shops.  This hat is a quick knit in their Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky.  I picked up my Go Packers! colorway at Stitches Midwest from Yarns By Design.  The yarn is dyed half one color and half another and not in a way that creates stripes of each color.   Wanting to knit a hat without any strange pooling of colors I decided a short row hat would be the way to go.  I immediately loved the way the colors were working out.  If you would like to knit a hat with a brim I would suggest casting on another ten stitches or so.   This is such a quick knit that you’d probably have it done by halftime!

2015-08-18 18.39.47

Go Pack! Hat

  • One skein Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky (140 yards per skein)
  • US 10 1/2 needles
  • tapestry needle for weaving in ends.


Cast on 28 stitches.

Row 1:  Knit all 28 stitches. Turn.

Row 2:  Knit 20 stitches turn work and knit back. Turn.

Row 3:  Knit 22 stitches turn work and knit back. Turn.

Row 4:  Knit 24 stitches turn work and knit back. Turn.

Row 5:  Knit 26 stitches turn work and knit back. Turn.

Row 6: Knit all 28 stitches. Turn

Repeat these rows ten (10) more times for a total of eleven (11) repeats ending with a Row 6, then cast off leaving a long tail.  Fold knitted piece in half and sew the two edges together with the long tail to form the hat.  Use the short tail from your cast on edge to close the top of the hat.  A pom-pom on top might be a fun addition.   Happy knitting!

EDIT:  Additional instruction added on 8/27/15. Oops, my bad!

A Penny For Your Thoughts?

Dee: Lately my thoughts have been focused on pennies.  I made some jewelry to give as gifts with locally pressed pennies and now I am hooked.  I cannot stop.  Friends are even pressing pennies for me whilst they are on vacation.

2015-08-01 15.50.51

I’ve been doing some research into pressing pennies I’ve learned some tips and tricks for the best possible outcome.  Today I tested different methods of cleaning the pennies using common everyday household items.

2015-08-15 09.34.58

Method 1:  Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt into 1/4 cup of vinegar.  Drop in the pennies and the magic happens right before your eyes.  This took less than 5 minutes.

Method 2:  Ketchup, since it’s basically made from a large amount of both salt and vinegar, is quick as well.  This method however leaves the pennies smelling like ketchup.  Frankly, since method one worked so well I would save my ketchup for a burger in lieu of clean currency.  This method also took 5 minutes.

2015-08-15 09.51.18

Method 3:  Barkeepers Friend is something I use to clean sinks with yet you can clean pennies quite effortlessly when you sprinkle it on them while they are wet.  This method requires a tad bit of scrubbing the penny between your fingers as you rinse them off.  This was also a five minute endeavor.

2015-08-15 10.01.59

Method 4:  Cola Cola…hmmmm this picture is worth a thousand words.  We probably shouldn’t be drinking this stuff…just sayin’.  Plus this method took four hours and the result was less than stellar.

2015-08-15 10.06.24

Method 5:  Finally, if you have pennies that are circa 1982 and later you can use the eraser method.  I tried in on one side of one penny only since it was a lot of work and the effort just didn’t wow me.

2015-08-15 10.22.36

The white towel has the vinegar and salt on at the top and the ketchup on the bottom.  The green towel has the BarKeepers Friend pennies and the red towel are the Coca Cola pennies which still came out a lot less shiny than any of the other methods.  My recommendation is to stick with the vinegar and salt.

2015-08-15 10.00.102015-08-15 10.16.072015-08-15 14.28.46

I finished my Cameo shawl also this afternoon using some of WEBS Valley Yarns Charlemont .  I love this yarn and this pattern.    Next up I’ll be knitting a quick garter stitch hat using some Lorna’s Laces Bulky in Go Pack Go.   Happy knitting!

2015-08-15 17.57.182015-08-15 12.17.20


Sunflower Tam

Dee:  Although I would not consider myself to have Attention Deficit Disorder I do have “knitter’s flight of fancy” as I am easily distracted from the project in hand to something else entirely.  Thus was the case with getting a hat knit up for July.

I was working on the Blackberry Ridge Tam and got side tracked with finishing my gradient version of the Colorful Day Cowl and then by the Veil Stitch cowl  which is my ongoing take along project.   As I saw the days of July quickly pass by me, I decided to grab a quicker knit from my queue, The Sunflower Tam so I could stay on course for knitting a hat a month for 2015.  I met Norah Gaughan when I was in California in May.  I have knit her tam once before as a gift.  The design is from her Knitting Nature book and draws on the geometry of sunflowers and pineapples both of which are very much a part of summer, at last they are to me.  I rifled through my wool and found a skein of Bartlettyarns Fisherman 2-ply in Lupine which looks much more blue than purple in person.

2015-07-19 16.06.19

I’ll probably return to the Blackberry Ridge Tam now, however I have a craving to knit a shawl for fall.  It’s Cameo and I have two colors of Valley Yarns Charlemont one is their discontinued kettle dye in Burgundy and the other is a skein of their Dusk that I had purchased online from WEBS just so I could begin this project.  Happy knitting!

Happy 4th!

Dee: Happy 4th everyone!  I’ve got a Crock-pot full of barbecue pulled pork to be served on brioche buns, chili lime spiced corn on the cob, barbecue beans, and a fresh strawberry pie with fresh whipped cream all set for our Independence Day dinner.  Followed by an evening with friends and fireworks, making it a fun and delicious menu for the day.

I continue to knit and craft my way to sanity.  Since I last typed,  I’ve finished my second Colorful Day Cowl with a fuschia gradient 5-pack of Sophie’s Toes.  This project accompanied me to California in May, to KIP day as well as countless waiting rooms and lunch breaks.   I love it and will love wearing it in the fall.

2015-06-28 08.13.46


I took Terry out for her birthday and we went to make glass fused pendants which turned out pretty nice.  This was my second attempt with improved results.  I think I want to go again one more time.  Mine is on the right.

2015-07-01 13.18.46

I love giving handcrafted gifts whenever possible, so this explains the barefoot jewelry I made for a pool lounge loving co-worker’s birthday. Basically I used 26-inch length of 7 mm elastic cord that I strung with seed beads for around the toe adding an other mixed set of earthy colored beads accented with some silver tone etched sun beads.   The result may be a bit frivolous yet also sort of fun.

2015-07-03 18.52.36

I continue to work on my hat for July as well as the Noro Veil Stitch Cowl in their Taiyo Sock yarn.  The stitch is so fun to work and the result is open and airy.  I cannot wait to wear this one in fall with plain dresses and tops.  The reason I chose the Taiyo over my other choices was the fact it’s 50% cotton, making it cooler to wear indoors all day.    This is now my travelling project and the two color hat stays at home.

Happy knitting!