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Happy – Week 2

Lynette:  I successfully posted another week of happy moments.  I’m beginning to notice a trend.  Many of my happy moments involve being in the garden or being with my family.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

1.  Finding this in my son’s room a day after he left
2.  I’ll cya later Miles!
3.  Satisfying my sweet tooth
4.  She picked them yesterday and eating them this morning
5.  My first tomato
6.  My garden buddy
7.  Taking basil from the garden and adding it to my omelet

Unless I have some knitting to report, I’ll see you next week! 😀


My First Week of Happy

Lynette:  Thanks Monica for letting Dee and I know about the #100happydays project.  It hasn’t been difficult to find a moment in a day to select for moments of happiness.  Actually, I started taking more pictures thinking each one would be my ‘happy moment’, but something happened each day last week that revealed that moment.  Below is a collage of my happy moments.  I’m posting my pics on Instagram via @loneal19 if you want to see them daily.

.  Morning obligatory pic. I think he’s warming up to our “photo shoots”. Lol!
2.  New planters for my garden
3.  Congratulations Janiyah!
4.  Having my daughter make breakfast for me
5.  The first of many summer bulbs has surfaced
6.  Being presented with a blanket for mom knit by my friends
7.  This moment…having dinner with my mom and family

I look forward to sharing next week’s happy moments.