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It’s Hip to Be Square

Dee: Let’s face it, knitting needles are expensive.  Of course I would like to try every new type out there but who can afford that especially if you already have more than one needle in every size?  Well, certainly not I. So imagine my delight when Tuesday Morning obtained some Kollage Square needles at discount pricing!

Their selection in sizing was obviously not there since Tuesday Morning isn’t a stockist of all things knitting but I was able to purchase needles representing Kollage’s full line of Square Needles.  I bought a 16″ K-Kable (soft cable) circular in US 7, two 9″  firm cable circulars in US 1 and one in US 2.5 for sock knitting, one pair of straights in a US size 3, and dpn in sizes US 0 and US 2.5.

It’s taken me some time but I have now knit with all of the needle types.  I’m actually on my third project using the K-Kable (soft cable) US 7.  I am hopelessly addicted to Mira’s Cowl.  Here is my final cowl installment currently still on the needles.  I am showing you this picture so you can see just how flexible the soft the K-Kable actually is. Notice the 90 degree angle?  It can actually bend 360 degrees, it’s that soft.

2014-04-12 07.47.45

I’m not sure the join on one side of this particular set of needles will last forever.  When it goes I’ll mourn the loss.  So here’s my take on the claims that Kollage has made regarding their product.

  • Precision tips – Yes, I love them.
  • Smooth joins – Yes, except for that one side on my set of US 7.  It catches a bit  but I’d say it’s more like a defect on my particular pair than a false claim.  Just try and take them from me and you’ll find out.
  • Easier on your hands – Well, this one is hard one to confirm but I can say that I had no hand fatigue and could knit for as long as I’d like on these needles.  So was it just me or was it the needles?  I have no way of knowing for sure.
  • More uniform stitches – Again, am I just fairly consistent or was it the needles?  I will say that I found it easy to obtain uniform stitches on these needles.
  • 100% made in the USA – Booyah!

So here’s my bottom line.  I love these needles, I’d buy more if I needed them.  What’s my choice between the K-Kable versus the firm cable?  I still think that is a personal choice and  would be based on the yarn being used at the time.  The K-Kable is “stickier” but it functioned well while I was knitting with it.  Remember, I am on my third project using it after all.

My recommendation is for you to consider purchasing a set of Kollage Square Needles for yourself if you are in the market for new needles.  Happy knitting y’all!