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Hat, Hat, Shawl

Dee: When my brothers cleared out my folks home to move them into assisted living and subsequently sell their home…a few of my mother’s things were discarded…namely all of the items that I have knit her over the years.  Sadness.  She’s cold so I’ve knit her a new shawl out of yarn that is washable.  The shawl is based on the Madeline Shawl by Kate Jackson (not the Charlie’s Angels actress Kate Jackson, at least I am thinking not.)  I knit the shawl with Plymouth Encore from my stash for something that is easy care for her new living arrangement. 2016-05-15 11.47.45

I think it turned out pretty nice too if I do say so myself.  I am loving this construction for her.  It should sit nicely over her shoulders without falling off.  I am knitting another for my mother-in-law who is turning eighty this month.  Hers will be in all garter stitch and knit with some sequined yarn.  Yes, she’s a fancy girl.  At the rate I am knitting I’m going to be late for the actual birthday though.

I’m still knitting hats.  I love knitting hats.  I have two to share with you.  One of them is going to be a gift the other I am planning to donate for a worthy cause….stay tuned.    This first hat is Timber Bay.  I loved knitting this pattern.  The turned brim is spectacular.  I am planning to knit more of these hats in the near future. For this one I used some Cascade 220 heather yarn which I just loved so much.  Heathers and tweeds really make the nicest hand knit items, they really do.  There is a depth to them that really adds to a finished piece.   2016-04-30 14.58.57I was really nervous that I would run out of yarn as I was closing in.  I made the comment to my husband that I was afraid that I was going to run out of yarn and he replied that I will never run out of yarn.  Hmmm.

The second hat to share with you is the Five Pillars Hat.  I knit the hat with larger yarn and needles since the finished measurements for the pattern were really small and would make a very tight hat.  I used some Cascade 128.  I think I would have preferred a smaller gauge yarn however I so love a big hat.  I think they look better on my head.2016-03-27 19.21.26

So there you have it I have been busy knitting and not busy blogging.  Shame on me.  Until next time…

Happy knitting everyone!

A Shawl for Lynne

Lynne in her Hazeline
Pattern: Hazeline by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Briar Rose Fibers Sea Pearl

Monica: A few months ago I asked Lynne to do something for me and jokingly told her I’d knit her a shawl in exchange. Then I thought some more about it and decided I could knit her a shawl. I have lots of yarn and lots of shawl patterns that I want to knit so I picked one and got started. I worked on it during my commute to work and during my lunch hours so it was slow going but I enjoyed every minute of it as the pattern was easy to follow and I love the yarn.

Hazeline Shawl

I started out knitting the smaller size but when I was on the last row of the edging I noticed I had a lot of yarn left over so I started over and knit 4 instead of 2 repeats of the first chart. Then I only had enough to knit one repeat of the second chart but I think it looks good anyway.


Sparrowette Shawl
Pattern: Sparrowette Shawl by Maja Jokanovic
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in African Gray

Monica: I made this shawl for someone at work who wanted a lacy shawl knit out of multi colored yarn. I wanted to be able to see the pattern so it took a while to find a pattern. I was happy to find this one as it was perfect and free! I screwed up the bind-off as it was a little tight so I couldn’t make the pretty points at the bottom like there should be. Hopefully the recipient will like it.

Oh mom not another shawl

Buddy is giving me his best “oh mom, not another shawl” look. And “do you know it’s 110 degrees out here and I’m already wearing a fur coat?”

Worn by another glamorous model Lou

Here is a shot of my friend Lou wearing it so glamorously.