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Long Time No See

Dee:   Hello, although I’m not sure anyone actually took notice (I mean I have no clue if anyone reads this blog or not) however, I had taken a long break from blogging. You see, 2016 was a particularly difficult year for me.  I lost both of my parents in a few months time.  My dad passed in the spring and my mom more recently.  She had a massive stroke on election day and then passed the following day.  The world became very unkind and I retreated to grieve and save myself.  I thought I was doing pretty well until my mom’s birthday came around.  Her birthday just happened to be on inauguration day.  Again, the world was a very unkind place that day in particular as I grieved  her first birthday without her.  So I’ve remained in seclusion from blogging.

By all accounts 2017 looks to be a very promising year for my family.  We adopted a beautiful six year-old westie named Finn who has become a particularly bright spot in my life.  My sons are grown and there are weddings to look forward to in the near future.  My work continues to delight me and there are always adventures, friends, crafting and knitting to be had.  I seem to have emerged from the fog and I am rejoining society once again.  My loving family and great friends are a huge part of my recovery.  Thank you to all

So look forward to seeing some fun and happiness return to this page in the near future.

Make America kind again.

Halfway there?

This was a great weekend for knitting. I just finished on-call and was basically too tired to leave the house on Saturday.  It was Day 7 and I knit a total of 3,360.  Yesterday, I knit over 10K, and here’s my progress.
antrorse 2
I’m knitting my sweater with positive ease (a first for me), and I truly hope I calculated correctly.  I measured and it’s about 20″ almost time for the garter trim.  If I estimated accurately, I will be finished with the body by the end of the week.  Crossing fingers.

My other activity on Saturday was baking old-fashioned biscuits with my Gracie.  I am channeling my mom’s cooking vibes really heavy these days.  Anyway, Gracie and I were a tad bit excited with the rolling, and our biscuits were flat. Still delicious though.
FullSizeRender (19)

Gracie also asked for meatballs and spaghetti so we made these turkey meatballs.  No pics because they were that delicious!

My Montana Adventure

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real vacation with my husband.  I love traveling with him.  He’d been working hard on putting together a family reunion in his home state of Montana and there was no way I was going to miss it.  I asked if I could detour and plan one afternoon to see something that I have always wanted to see…and the answer was yes.  So in the middle of idyllic surroundings I feasted my eyes and fiber loving soul on the town of DuPuyer, Montana and the Dupuyer Cache.

Montana 2013 106

The town of DuPuyer has only one draw for me, it’s home to Beaverslide Dry Goods.  We headed straight for the DuPuyer Cache which sells a huge variety of items.  They even sell gasoline in 2 gallon cans.  While I was in the shop two separate men came in looking for assistance as they ran out of gas close to town and the DuPuyer Cache was able to help them out.  I was extremely delighted when I saw that Leanne the proprietor of Beaverslide Dry Goods was manning the shop when I stopped by for a visit!  We talked about her ranch, her sheep, her llamas, and her yarn. That’s Leanne there, watering the flowers.

Montana 2013 096

Once inside, I feasted my eyes on everything there was to see….but especially the yarn.

Montana 2013 097Montana 2013 099



Montana 2013 102

Montana 2013 103Mary's Shawl 013

I bought two pairs of the machine knit merino and kid mohair socks, one for me and one for Mike.  I bought a honey bear that is farmed at Leanne’s ranch and some yarn.  I bought 5 skeins of the DK/heavy sock weight in Wild Geranium for a yet undetermined sweater and 2 skeins of the sport/sock weight yarn in Mountain Lupine to knit the Flower Patrol Shawl pattern which I also had to pick up.  Yes, I also collect local knitting patterns when I travel.  I love the story behind this one, the designer, Samsara Chapman, is in the Montana forestry service in one of those tall towers where she spots for fires, knits and designs knitting patterns.

My Montana adventure did not end here but visiting the DuPuyer Cache and Leanne was a definitely a highlight and a dream come true.

Temple Ceremony

Monica: One of the many things Mom and I discussed heatedly was getting a will set up for her. I pestered her repeatedly until she finally gave in. I’m glad I did because we discussed what to do with her remains and she wanted her ashes to be stored in the same temple where my grandmother’s ashes are located in Manila. Mom was Buddhist and Chinese so she was very superstitious. Before we could go to the Philippines we had to pick a good date for the ceremony based on the date and time of her birth and death, and her kids’ birth dates. One of my sisters wanted to wait until her kids were out of school so they could go with us so that delayed us for a few months. It was considered bad luck for us to store mom’s ashes in our house so we had to find a temporary place for her until we could take her to the temple.


The temple ceremony lasted one hour and we listened to the monks chant the prayers. It took place in this room.

Where the ceremony took place

We alternated between sitting and kneeling and bowing several times.

My niece and nephew

Out of respect we chose not to wear any bright-colored clothing.

Standing in front of an Indian Tree

At the end of the ceremony we shared a vegetarian meal with our friends and family and the monks and then it was time to put mom in her resting place.

Where the ashes are stored

I was very sad to leave her because she’s so far away but I’m glad she’s finally at the temple.

Cat on a hot tin roof

One of the many cats living at the temple. I have a few more pictures of our visit in the Philippines but since it was short we spent most of the time catching up with family and eating. Lots and lots of eating.


Monica: Last week my family flew to the Philippines to put Mom’s ashes in a Buddhist temple. I will post more on that later. We got back on Saturday and I have horrible jet lag. I am functioning on 2 hours of sleep right now hoping that I can make it go away faster if I stick to my usual schedule.

I thought I’d share some pictures of my Mom and Dad that my uncle found:

mom wedding picture
I can’t decide if I look more like my Dad or Mom.

Pictures from their honeymoon
They looked happy.

Sitting on a bench
At least Mom did.

Sitting in the grass
Dad was being all serious.