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Leftie Shawl

Buddy modeling a Leftie
Pattern: Leftie by Martina Behm
Yarn: Miss Babs Leftie Kit

: When I first saw the pattern on Ravelry I thought it was okay – I wasn’t in love with it. Even when I saw all the pretty variations on Ravelry I didn’t have a burning need to knit it. One of my friends loved the sample at the Miss Babs booth at Stitches and she bought the kit. But they didn’t have the kit onsite and she would’ve had to go back the next day to pick it up. Since I was heading back I picked it up for her and then when I was going to meet her to return it I changed my mind and decided I wanted to knit it. So I knit it and it was fun. And I really like it! I especially like the monochromatic ones. One thing that is not fun is weaving in all the ends.

His handsome side profile

Buddy has his long-suffering model look down. He doesn’t even glance at the camera any more. He’s all just “give me my treats and be done with it” already!

Who Wore it Best?

Monica: I bought some bulky yarn from the new yarn shop to make a cowl. Let’s just call it my warm-up to the super duper really extra bulky yarn that I posted previously.

dropped stitch cowl
Pattern: Drop Stitch Cowl by Abi Gregorio
Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle XL

I used 2 skeins but I think I could’ve used one skein and made it shorter. Because I was going to have a lot of yarn left over I made it a little wider by casting on 58 stitches.

But going back to the title of this post…
Who Wore it Better?

There is really no question that Buddy always wears it best!

I Didn’t Go To Rhinebeck, But…

Lynette:   I’ll start by saying that once you’ve experienced Rhinebeck, you’ll want to go every year.  With that being said, I couldn’t go this year, but still wanted the wonderful experience. Seeing beautiful foliage, leaves crunching, meeting other fiber enthusiasts wearing their Rhinebeck sweaters and buying yarn. Here are my pictures from Rhinebeck 2012, and I called it that because I knew there’d be a Rhinebeck 2013.  Ahhh, oh well.

Instead, a few friends and I went to The Fold.  Toni was at Rhinebeck (and so was all the Socks that Rock yarn), but her husband was very helpful.  Monica mentioned to me that Eric,  their German Shepherd, had died and they’d gotten a new dog.  I wasn’t prepared to meet Eric’s ghost.  His name is Storm, and he was a wonderful host.  I almost forgot why I trekked to the store.
meeting storm      me and storm

On this trip, I went with fresh eyes since I began spinning.  I wanted fiber.  Their wheels, drop spindles and fiber were all so great.  I was a bit overwhelmed seeing all the goodies in person, but was pretty good and happy with what I walked away with.

wheels and fiber     wall of color fiber

I bought 2lbs of Merino to one day spin up for a sweater.  I also bought a 4oz braid of Malabrigo Nube.  The colorway looked great.

my haul from the fold

I also bought a skein of Donegal Tweed to make a newsboy hat.  If you know my history with these hats you’d think I’d have hundreds at home, but I only have one.  Lastly I bought yarn called Tahki Charly to make the He Said She Said hat/cowl set by Bonne Marie Burns.  There was a sample hat in the store, and when I tried it on, it fit over my big curly hair.  Score!

We ended the day at Cracker Barrel eating and reminiscing because we did go to Rhinebeck last year, but decided that a day at The Fold was just as nice.  And I got to meet Storm.  He wouldn’t fit in my bag, but he did follow me to the car.   🙂



Holden Shawlette
Pattern: Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes
Yarn: Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in Coral Sap

Monica: I had some yarn leftover from the previous shawl project but I didn’t weigh it to see how much yardage I had left so I decided to just go ahead and knit another shawl and see how big it would be. The yarn is heavier weight than what the pattern used and I used larger needles. I followed the pattern instructions to knit stockinette until I had 193 stitches before I started the feather and fan section but I only knit 2 rows of the lace part before I ran out of yarn. I decided I wanted more lace.

Wearing Holden

I ripped back to 141 stitches and instead of knitting 3 repeats in the pattern I knit 2. I also wasn’t able to knit as many iterations of the chart before I ran out of yarn. But I think it turned out okay.

Buddy roasting with shawl

It was big enough to wrap around Buddy while he roasted in the sun.

Been a While

the face!
Monica: That pretty face has been taking up a bit of my time. Zoey is an escape artist so we have instituted a 2-leash system — one on her harness and one on her collar. We are working on some obedience training now.

I managed to finish a sweater.

Front of Raiun
Pattern: Raiun by Kirsten Johnstone
Yarn: Fleur de Fiber Aries Oceanus in Potlucky

I really love this sweater. It’s fingering weight so perfect for air-conditioned indoors. The pattern was not boring at all even though it was a lot of knitting. I am seriously thinking about knitting another one. The wonderful yarn was dyed by Angela and I got it at Windy Knitty a few months ago when she was having a trunk show at the store. I have this obsession with fingering weight sweaters that has caused me to amass sweater quantities of yarn. I think this may be the first one I’ve actually finished. I am working on a worsted-weight sweater now but I might put it aside for another fingering weight one. We’ll see.

New Yarn

school products yarns purchases
Monica: That is what I got in NY a few weeks ago. The brown skein is camel yarn and the pink yarn is a cashmere blend. Both are lace weight and I don’t know what I’ll make with them yet but I’m sure I’ll find something.

wollmeise lace

Sometimes (who am I kidding – most times) I do not have any willpower and purchase something that I have to have. I saw Wollmeise Lace yarn for sale at The Loopy Ewe and jumped to get a skein. So there it is–isn’t it pretty?

And finally remember when I went to Windy Knitty to see Angela? This is what I bought:
fleur de fiber aries oceanus

So that should be all on the new yarn posts for a while. I cannot buy any yarn for a while because my knitting time has lessened because my sister and I adopted Zoey a week ago:

My friends don’t have time for her any more and instead of taking her to a shelter I offered to take her. She’s very sweet and we have lots of fun together.

Buddy waiting for his corned beef

Buddy waiting for his corned beef

He’s been smelling the crockpot all day. It drives the humans crazy to smell it all day so I’m sure it’s doubly irritating to him since his nose is much more sensitive.

ETA: Buddy said the corned beef is delicious! The humans were saying that it was too tough but Buddy said if you don’t chew it it’s perfect.