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A Yarn Shop Visit

Monica: There are not many yarn shops in Vegas. One of them that had been open for a long time closed last year and we had nothing at all for a few months. Then we started hearing about a shop that opened in downtown Vegas. A few of my friends did some advanced reconnaissance for me and decided it was a go. So my friend Kim and I checked it out last Friday. Unwind Knitting is located across the street from Zappo’s inside The Stitch Factory. It’s a nice shop in a warehouse type of setting but inside was bright and airy. The first thing we saw when we walked in was a stack of large gauge hand knits that the owner was selling the next day at something called the Neon Bazaar – a market showcasing local Vegas retailers. When I say large gauge I mean HUGE– here I am holding a skein of red yarn:
HUGE ball of yarn
The yarn is Big Loop Merino by Loopy Mango. I’m wearing the Poseidon scarf which is basically one stitch you crochet until it looks like this:

One long chain
Then you wrap it around your neck as many times as you want. Here is Brenda, the owner, wearing a cowl she made out of the yarn:
One big cowl
Cowl doubled up:
Wrapped twice around

Do you see those needles she’s also wearing around her neck? They are size 50 needles that you have to use with this yarn. They are just like knitting with garden hoses. So of course Kim and I lost our minds and decided we wanted to tr this out and we split a skein of yarn.

Kim after the split

She looks so happy! I haven’t made anything yet with my skein. Kim is going to loan me a pair of her size 50 needles and then the fun will start.

I Didn’t Go To Rhinebeck, But…

Lynette:   I’ll start by saying that once you’ve experienced Rhinebeck, you’ll want to go every year.  With that being said, I couldn’t go this year, but still wanted the wonderful experience. Seeing beautiful foliage, leaves crunching, meeting other fiber enthusiasts wearing their Rhinebeck sweaters and buying yarn. Here are my pictures from Rhinebeck 2012, and I called it that because I knew there’d be a Rhinebeck 2013.  Ahhh, oh well.

Instead, a few friends and I went to The Fold.  Toni was at Rhinebeck (and so was all the Socks that Rock yarn), but her husband was very helpful.  Monica mentioned to me that Eric,  their German Shepherd, had died and they’d gotten a new dog.  I wasn’t prepared to meet Eric’s ghost.  His name is Storm, and he was a wonderful host.  I almost forgot why I trekked to the store.
meeting storm      me and storm

On this trip, I went with fresh eyes since I began spinning.  I wanted fiber.  Their wheels, drop spindles and fiber were all so great.  I was a bit overwhelmed seeing all the goodies in person, but was pretty good and happy with what I walked away with.

wheels and fiber     wall of color fiber

I bought 2lbs of Merino to one day spin up for a sweater.  I also bought a 4oz braid of Malabrigo Nube.  The colorway looked great.

my haul from the fold

I also bought a skein of Donegal Tweed to make a newsboy hat.  If you know my history with these hats you’d think I’d have hundreds at home, but I only have one.  Lastly I bought yarn called Tahki Charly to make the He Said She Said hat/cowl set by Bonne Marie Burns.  There was a sample hat in the store, and when I tried it on, it fit over my big curly hair.  Score!

We ended the day at Cracker Barrel eating and reminiscing because we did go to Rhinebeck last year, but decided that a day at The Fold was just as nice.  And I got to meet Storm.  He wouldn’t fit in my bag, but he did follow me to the car.   🙂


Long Gone…Yarn Con

So I went with friend Celeste to Yarn Con but never posted about it because I have uploading issues.  Whenever I am uploading picture files the gamers in my home get angry.  So let’s see how many pictures I can upload before someone asks me why I am making their life miserable…

Okay so no pictures are being successfully uploaded tonight…poop!

So we arrived at Yarn Con not knowing that there was a giveaway to the first 50 people.  Since we were among those lucky knitters I started my adventure with a Yarn Con cloth bag of goodies: Yarn Con tsotchkes, small plastic zippered coin purse, small spiral notepad, Yarn Con button, pen, and tape measure.  The Fall/Winter issue of By Hand magazine, In a While, Crocodile sweater pattern, Tribune Scarflette pattern, and a skein of Juniper Moon Farm Marlowe yarn.

I didn’t buy tons…just the California Dreamin’ shawl pattern and some Grinning Gargoyle Mink Lace yarn to knit it up in.  I also bought some Grinning Gargoyle Daphne in a periwinkle shade called Twinkle.  And lastly I finally bought yarn worthy of knitting the Color Affection shawl…I bought a Color Trio of Sophie’s Toes MCN in a blue grey, burgundy and purple-blue.

As far we knitting goes I have completed a few projects.  Here is my Pay It Forward Lacey Shawl, an owl hat, and a Norwegian cap for some recently arrived babies.  I had actually had the owl hat all knit up quite a while back but I never bothered to sew on the eyes and beak since it was fine detail work.  It’s super cute though and was worthy of being completed.

Sorry about all the links but sometimes that’s how it goes…at least I posted….and that is the important thing here.

Happy knitting all and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

New Yarn

school products yarns purchases
Monica: That is what I got in NY a few weeks ago. The brown skein is camel yarn and the pink yarn is a cashmere blend. Both are lace weight and I don’t know what I’ll make with them yet but I’m sure I’ll find something.

wollmeise lace

Sometimes (who am I kidding – most times) I do not have any willpower and purchase something that I have to have. I saw Wollmeise Lace yarn for sale at The Loopy Ewe and jumped to get a skein. So there it is–isn’t it pretty?

And finally remember when I went to Windy Knitty to see Angela? This is what I bought:
fleur de fiber aries oceanus

So that should be all on the new yarn posts for a while. I cannot buy any yarn for a while because my knitting time has lessened because my sister and I adopted Zoey a week ago:

My friends don’t have time for her any more and instead of taking her to a shelter I offered to take her. She’s very sweet and we have lots of fun together.

Onto the Yarn Shop Visits

Monica: My original plan was to go to Purl again since we were going to be in the Soho area. But when we got to Broome Street I couldn’t remember what the store building looked like. Plus I had an entourage of 8 people with me and I know that we would never fit in the store. And even though the ones not interested in shopping for yarn and fabric could wait outside – they don’t and I didn’t want to be rude telling everyone to wait outside. So since I’d been to Purl many times already I didn’t mind missing it this time.

However we decided to go the United Nations plaza on Saturday. And getting off at the closest subway stop would conveniently have us walk by School Products Yarns.
School Products Yarn Shop

The shop was nice. The owner was really nice too.
it was very cosy inside

While I was paying for my yarn the owner mentioned that Habu was 4 floors above them in the same building. And I nonchalantly said, “Oh, since we’re in the same building I might as well stop up there.” (Yes I did purchase some yarn but I haven’t had time to take their picture yet.)

So all 8 of us got into the elevator and went to Habu.
baskets of yarn

There were baskets and shelves full of yarn.

and beautiful fabric.

habu fabric

I’ve been able to get their yarn so I wasn’t salivating over it as much as the fabric. But the fabric was very much out of my price range so I just fondled the bolts and left without making any purchases.

Oh and the UN was closed to visitors on Saturday so it ended up being a quick trip for us.

at the UN Plaza

A Busy Weekend

Monica: I had a crazy weekend of driving all over Chicagoland. I drove a total of 196 miles!! It was the wrong weekend to do it since we had daylight savings time and lost an hour yesterday. I’m just glad it’s over and hopefully I won’t have to do it for a while. Next time I will plan better. At least I had fun catching up with some friends. I even got to see a play that I haven’t seen in a long time – Fiddler on the Roof. I remember when I was in high school it was one of the more popular productions so it seemed like all the high school plays were the same.

Yesterday one of my friends and I met for brunch at m.henry. I had black bean cakes and huevos borrachos:

a little bit of everything

I liked it a lot. I always say that breakfast is a difficult meal to screw up but I’ve had some awful breakfasts. My friend Frances had been practicing brioche stitch all week long so of course she had to try the cranberry walnut brioche french toast.

brioche french toast

She let me have a taste and it was really good. Surprise right? The restaurant was one block away from Windy Knitty – a yarn shop that was going to be featuring Fleur de Fiber yarn later — much later. We managed to find something to do while we waited for Angela to show up with the goodies:

All the goodies Potlucky Chicago-inspired colors

Of course I couldn’t walk away from all that yarn without acquiring some. I just forgot to take a picture of it so I’ll have to post it later.