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West Coast Girl Goes Home

Dee:  I try to make it home at least once every year to visit with my family and childhood friends.  What I love about my visits with friends is that they have adopted my love of knitting and yarn so they scope out new shops to visit with me.  This trip my time allowed me to visit three yarn shoppertunies, well four if you make me count visiting the Yarnover Truck twice.  My other two stops were Colors 91711 in Claremont and Yarn del Sol in Mission Viejo.

2014-08-03 10.42.16

Formerly a Little Debbie’s delivery truck, the Yarnover Truck is also filled with many delicious offerings.  SInce this was vacation, and since souvenirs are required, I focused my attention on treats exclusive to the Yarnover Truck.  I bought a skein of Anzula Breeze in Minty Unicorn – currently an exclusive colorway and California company, a skein of Baah La Jolla in Keep on Truckin’ also an exclusive colorway and dyed in southern California to knit Little Debbie, and then just because…three skeins of lace weight Indigodragonfly in the following shades, Beige (which is actually bright and multicolored), Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, and Captain Tightpants which is a reference to Malcolm Reynolds’ tight pants on Firefly.  I bought the Little Debbie Shawlette pattern to knit with the Baah La Jolla yarn and a great set of knitting note cards designed by the Disney artist, Dale Baer the uncle of one of the truck owners so you know they are super cute!

Colors 91711 is a yarn shop in Claremont which is one of my favorite places to visit when I am in California. I love Claremont!  I bought a great skein of handspun and hand-dyed multi-colored Superwash Merino all California made from Ring of FIber called Super Stripes.

2014-08-06 15.46.50

Last but not least is a yarn shop in Mission Viejo, Yarn del Sol that opened up just after my visit to California last year.  I have been following them faithfully on Facebook and jumped at a chance to visit.  I met friends there and discovered that this would be one of the best meeting places for knitters in the area.  They are very well stocked and have tons of room for knitters to gather.  They have plenty of great seating up front in comfy over-sized chairs plus two large wooden tables for gathering and learning.  I bought three skeins of Cozette from Knit One Crochet Too in Pewter to knit up in the pattern Tulip Shawlette.  They also have a computer where you can surf Ravelry for patterns to purchase, download and print.  What a great service to offer!  I sure wish I lived closer!

2014-08-07 10.42.42

Great friends, great visit, great fibers, what’s not to like?  Happy knitting y’all!

Warm Weather

Monica: Finally today it hit the 80’s. It was humid but I’ll take the sunshine. During lunch my knitting group walked over to a doughnut shop and got some ice cream sandwiches made with doughnuts.
ice cream sandwich made with donuts

Hazelnut ice cream in between a powdered sugar doughnut. I did not have one but I heard it was excellent.

making the sandwich in the background

Instead I had one of those smaller chocolate glazed doughnuts filled with espresso cream. It was yummy of course.

We were very efficient in scarfing down the doughnuts and had plenty of time to sit outside and knit. We also got to see some bridges go up.

bridges up

So some ships could get to the lake.

fancy boats crossing

It was nice to spend some time outside. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it more often this summer.

2014 Bunch of Stitches Knitting Retreat

Lynette:  On Knitting Retreats..

Our knitting group, called Bunch of Stitches, had its first get together or retreat this past weekend. I invited Monica, her sister and a few of my former co-workers whom I used to knit with. We had a fantastic time in spite of the weather.

Actually, I think some of us were hoping we’d get snowed in. LOL!  Anyway, we all showed up at various times on Friday and Saturday morning to what I thought would be a rustic cabin with outhouses, but we arrived to a very modern-looking and most comfortable lodge. The hospitality committee of wild turkeys came to greet us at the lodge.


Monica’s flight was delayed several times leaving Seattle back to Chicago, and I feared she would miss the weekend. However when her flight touched down in Chicago after 9p, she and her sister decided to trek it to the retreat. And we’re so glad they did.

Debbie from our group decided to order bags for the retreat, and they turned out great.

This year, our knit group decided to have a swap where we knit from the stash for each other. We exchanged our gifts on Friday night.  I wish I could’ve gotten pictures of all the gifts, but I missed a few of them. But everyone loved their gifts.  In all, we exchanged fair isle cowls, scarves, sweaters, shawls, cowls and mittens.


I received an amazing red cardigan called Bay and Cables by Cecily McGowan Glowick. I saw Debbie knitting the cardigan and complimented her on the color and pattern so many times. I had no idea it was for me! It fits perfectly.  She also knit me a project from my queue, the Seyfert Cowl by Norah Gaughan.  Both amazing gifts!


This could be a long post, but it would only be about sitting in the lodge around the fireplace while eating,


talking and laughing –


Friday night through Sunday morning so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy knitting, and I can’t wait for the next retreat.

Sleepless in Seattle

Monica: Sorry for the trite post title but I really have been sleepless. I’m in Seattle for a few days taking a class for work. I’m very happy to be here but I have been stuck in Central time mode and have not been able to adjust to the 2 hour time difference. I’ve been really tired by 9 pm and fall asleep instantly. The worst thing about this trip is that I’ve been getting up at 3 am and am  starving when I wake up but nothing is open until 6 so I try to go back to sleep but I end up napping and waking up every 15 minutes. Until I get out of bed at 4 and then I’m really groggy. I know you’re wondering why this is happening since I’m in Vegas frequently and they are also on Pacific time there. I think it’s because I have to stick to a schedule when I’m here whereas when I’m in Vegas I’m on vacation so I’m not feeling the pressure to be anywhere and can sleep in if I want.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see many sights. Mostly because I’m pretty tired when I’m done with my class and just want to hang out in my room and knit and watch tv and decompress. This is the exciting view from my hotel room.

Do you see the pine trees in the far distance?

Yesterday I went to visit an old family friend and his family whom I haven’t seen in at least 10 years. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding. Before I went to see them I picked up a gift.
They are beautiful cupcakes from Trophy. I didn’t eat any as I knew I would be stopping there again today because I’m meeting Rebecca there.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a yarn shop in the same building as the cupcake shop.  I had been going on and on to my friends all last week about not visiting any yarn shops while I’m here mostly because I have SO MUCH YARN. And I thought I would stick to my guns but I didn’t.


I tried to restrain myself and stuck to one pattern and one skein of yarn.  Self-control is always challenging for me. Anyway I’m glad I’m here because I got to avoid round 2 of the horrible cold weather in Chicago and I got a very nice small taste of Seattle. I can’t wait to come back when I’m here for vacation and I will have more time to explore.

Giddy Up

Dee: There’s not much time left for Christmas knitting.  I just don’t have the inclination to knit every night after work.  Instead I’ve been making jewelry and doing some general crafting,  My creative juices are flowing but in way too many directions.  I need to focus!!!  I made this tree bauble for an ornament exchange at work.

2013-12-02 21.11.16I also knit a sweater vest for a cool cat.

2013-12-02 12.28.59

There is a pair of slippers for my mom I need to knit up quickly and I have high hopes that I will knit two hats (one for each son) and a pair of socks (husband) before Christmas day.  I’m not the betting kind but I would bet that I’ll at least get the slippers and hats done…at least that’s the plan.  Think good thoughts and say a prayer for me, I’ll need it!

A Yarn Shop Visit

Monica: There are not many yarn shops in Vegas. One of them that had been open for a long time closed last year and we had nothing at all for a few months. Then we started hearing about a shop that opened in downtown Vegas. A few of my friends did some advanced reconnaissance for me and decided it was a go. So my friend Kim and I checked it out last Friday. Unwind Knitting is located across the street from Zappo’s inside The Stitch Factory. It’s a nice shop in a warehouse type of setting but inside was bright and airy. The first thing we saw when we walked in was a stack of large gauge hand knits that the owner was selling the next day at something called the Neon Bazaar – a market showcasing local Vegas retailers. When I say large gauge I mean HUGE– here I am holding a skein of red yarn:
HUGE ball of yarn
The yarn is Big Loop Merino by Loopy Mango. I’m wearing the Poseidon scarf which is basically one stitch you crochet until it looks like this:

One long chain
Then you wrap it around your neck as many times as you want. Here is Brenda, the owner, wearing a cowl she made out of the yarn:
One big cowl
Cowl doubled up:
Wrapped twice around

Do you see those needles she’s also wearing around her neck? They are size 50 needles that you have to use with this yarn. They are just like knitting with garden hoses. So of course Kim and I lost our minds and decided we wanted to tr this out and we split a skein of yarn.

Kim after the split

She looks so happy! I haven’t made anything yet with my skein. Kim is going to loan me a pair of her size 50 needles and then the fun will start.

Pretend it’s a post from June

Monica: One of the places we got to visit in the Philippines was the city of Tagaytay. It was a quick drive from Manila so a lot of people go there to escape the heat. Although it still felt hot and humid to me.


One of the biggest attractions of Tagaytay is a the Taal volcano and lake. There was no one in the lake swimming or fishing and they told us that it’s because the lake is polluted.

posing in front of taal

You can tour the area near the volcano by horseback but we didn’t do that.
volcano crater

We rode up to the top of the city and had lunch at a place called Sonya’s Garden.
lunch at sonia's

Sonya’s Garden wasn’t just a restaurant but also a bed and breakfast with beautiful gardens.
more pretty flower petal bowl another tropical plant lush greeery fun tropical plants

I found out that the owner Sonya loves dogs. Here she is with one of them Aldo, who is wearing a bow tie.
the owner with one of her dogs of course i found a black lab

And all dogs love belly rubs.
of course the dog loved belly rubs

On the way home we picked up a bunch of Senorita bananas.
picking out the perfect bunch

and we had them for breakfast the next morning. They were very sweet and tasty.

for breakfast

My Montana Adventure

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real vacation with my husband.  I love traveling with him.  He’d been working hard on putting together a family reunion in his home state of Montana and there was no way I was going to miss it.  I asked if I could detour and plan one afternoon to see something that I have always wanted to see…and the answer was yes.  So in the middle of idyllic surroundings I feasted my eyes and fiber loving soul on the town of DuPuyer, Montana and the Dupuyer Cache.

Montana 2013 106

The town of DuPuyer has only one draw for me, it’s home to Beaverslide Dry Goods.  We headed straight for the DuPuyer Cache which sells a huge variety of items.  They even sell gasoline in 2 gallon cans.  While I was in the shop two separate men came in looking for assistance as they ran out of gas close to town and the DuPuyer Cache was able to help them out.  I was extremely delighted when I saw that Leanne the proprietor of Beaverslide Dry Goods was manning the shop when I stopped by for a visit!  We talked about her ranch, her sheep, her llamas, and her yarn. That’s Leanne there, watering the flowers.

Montana 2013 096

Once inside, I feasted my eyes on everything there was to see….but especially the yarn.

Montana 2013 097Montana 2013 099



Montana 2013 102

Montana 2013 103Mary's Shawl 013

I bought two pairs of the machine knit merino and kid mohair socks, one for me and one for Mike.  I bought a honey bear that is farmed at Leanne’s ranch and some yarn.  I bought 5 skeins of the DK/heavy sock weight in Wild Geranium for a yet undetermined sweater and 2 skeins of the sport/sock weight yarn in Mountain Lupine to knit the Flower Patrol Shawl pattern which I also had to pick up.  Yes, I also collect local knitting patterns when I travel.  I love the story behind this one, the designer, Samsara Chapman, is in the Montana forestry service in one of those tall towers where she spots for fires, knits and designs knitting patterns.

My Montana adventure did not end here but visiting the DuPuyer Cache and Leanne was a definitely a highlight and a dream come true.

Long Gone…Yarn Con

So I went with friend Celeste to Yarn Con but never posted about it because I have uploading issues.  Whenever I am uploading picture files the gamers in my home get angry.  So let’s see how many pictures I can upload before someone asks me why I am making their life miserable…

Okay so no pictures are being successfully uploaded tonight…poop!

So we arrived at Yarn Con not knowing that there was a giveaway to the first 50 people.  Since we were among those lucky knitters I started my adventure with a Yarn Con cloth bag of goodies: Yarn Con tsotchkes, small plastic zippered coin purse, small spiral notepad, Yarn Con button, pen, and tape measure.  The Fall/Winter issue of By Hand magazine, In a While, Crocodile sweater pattern, Tribune Scarflette pattern, and a skein of Juniper Moon Farm Marlowe yarn.

I didn’t buy tons…just the California Dreamin’ shawl pattern and some Grinning Gargoyle Mink Lace yarn to knit it up in.  I also bought some Grinning Gargoyle Daphne in a periwinkle shade called Twinkle.  And lastly I finally bought yarn worthy of knitting the Color Affection shawl…I bought a Color Trio of Sophie’s Toes MCN in a blue grey, burgundy and purple-blue.

As far we knitting goes I have completed a few projects.  Here is my Pay It Forward Lacey Shawl, an owl hat, and a Norwegian cap for some recently arrived babies.  I had actually had the owl hat all knit up quite a while back but I never bothered to sew on the eyes and beak since it was fine detail work.  It’s super cute though and was worthy of being completed.

Sorry about all the links but sometimes that’s how it goes…at least I posted….and that is the important thing here.

Happy knitting all and Happy Cinco de Mayo!