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Super Mega Stash Enhancement

Monica: I’m really posting this for Susan but you should all bear witness to my insanity. A few weeks ago Lynette tweeted that since she couldn’t go to Rhinebeck she was going to The Fold instead. I thought I’d tag along with her. But my schedule wasn’t flexible and I didn’t go because I started feeling guilty about a little private fiber festival of sorts that I had back in September. See my friend Diana went to Bainbridge Island and she was going to a yarn shop that I have always wanted to visit and she offered to bring back something for me. So when she got back we decided we had to get together at a yarn shop that I hadn’t been to since it changed locations. So even before I got to the yarn shop I already had some yarn waiting for me.

churchmouse scarf

I got a kit to make the Bias Before and After scarf.

But that week the store was running a special deal on Isager yarn and I had received an email about this pretty cowl and I wanted to use the sale yarn for the cowl. Then I got worried that the yarn would be sold out before I would be able to get to the store so I ordered it online and picked it up at the store.

kinetic yarn

Besides meeting up with Diana I wanted to get yarn at the store for to make my dog walker a pair of mittens for Christmas. I didn’t want to use acrylic but superwash wool instead which I don’t have in my stash. So I got some yarn at the store.

trees mittens

And then pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back was this pattern I saw at the store. And again I remembered the yarn that was on sale.

shibui no 21

So that happened.

My Montana Adventure

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real vacation with my husband.  I love traveling with him.  He’d been working hard on putting together a family reunion in his home state of Montana and there was no way I was going to miss it.  I asked if I could detour and plan one afternoon to see something that I have always wanted to see…and the answer was yes.  So in the middle of idyllic surroundings I feasted my eyes and fiber loving soul on the town of DuPuyer, Montana and the Dupuyer Cache.

Montana 2013 106

The town of DuPuyer has only one draw for me, it’s home to Beaverslide Dry Goods.  We headed straight for the DuPuyer Cache which sells a huge variety of items.  They even sell gasoline in 2 gallon cans.  While I was in the shop two separate men came in looking for assistance as they ran out of gas close to town and the DuPuyer Cache was able to help them out.  I was extremely delighted when I saw that Leanne the proprietor of Beaverslide Dry Goods was manning the shop when I stopped by for a visit!  We talked about her ranch, her sheep, her llamas, and her yarn. That’s Leanne there, watering the flowers.

Montana 2013 096

Once inside, I feasted my eyes on everything there was to see….but especially the yarn.

Montana 2013 097Montana 2013 099



Montana 2013 102

Montana 2013 103Mary's Shawl 013

I bought two pairs of the machine knit merino and kid mohair socks, one for me and one for Mike.  I bought a honey bear that is farmed at Leanne’s ranch and some yarn.  I bought 5 skeins of the DK/heavy sock weight in Wild Geranium for a yet undetermined sweater and 2 skeins of the sport/sock weight yarn in Mountain Lupine to knit the Flower Patrol Shawl pattern which I also had to pick up.  Yes, I also collect local knitting patterns when I travel.  I love the story behind this one, the designer, Samsara Chapman, is in the Montana forestry service in one of those tall towers where she spots for fires, knits and designs knitting patterns.

My Montana adventure did not end here but visiting the DuPuyer Cache and Leanne was a definitely a highlight and a dream come true.

Long Gone…Yarn Con

So I went with friend Celeste to Yarn Con but never posted about it because I have uploading issues.  Whenever I am uploading picture files the gamers in my home get angry.  So let’s see how many pictures I can upload before someone asks me why I am making their life miserable…

Okay so no pictures are being successfully uploaded tonight…poop!

So we arrived at Yarn Con not knowing that there was a giveaway to the first 50 people.  Since we were among those lucky knitters I started my adventure with a Yarn Con cloth bag of goodies: Yarn Con tsotchkes, small plastic zippered coin purse, small spiral notepad, Yarn Con button, pen, and tape measure.  The Fall/Winter issue of By Hand magazine, In a While, Crocodile sweater pattern, Tribune Scarflette pattern, and a skein of Juniper Moon Farm Marlowe yarn.

I didn’t buy tons…just the California Dreamin’ shawl pattern and some Grinning Gargoyle Mink Lace yarn to knit it up in.  I also bought some Grinning Gargoyle Daphne in a periwinkle shade called Twinkle.  And lastly I finally bought yarn worthy of knitting the Color Affection shawl…I bought a Color Trio of Sophie’s Toes MCN in a blue grey, burgundy and purple-blue.

As far we knitting goes I have completed a few projects.  Here is my Pay It Forward Lacey Shawl, an owl hat, and a Norwegian cap for some recently arrived babies.  I had actually had the owl hat all knit up quite a while back but I never bothered to sew on the eyes and beak since it was fine detail work.  It’s super cute though and was worthy of being completed.

Sorry about all the links but sometimes that’s how it goes…at least I posted….and that is the important thing here.

Happy knitting all and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

New Yarn

school products yarns purchases
Monica: That is what I got in NY a few weeks ago. The brown skein is camel yarn and the pink yarn is a cashmere blend. Both are lace weight and I don’t know what I’ll make with them yet but I’m sure I’ll find something.

wollmeise lace

Sometimes (who am I kidding – most times) I do not have any willpower and purchase something that I have to have. I saw Wollmeise Lace yarn for sale at The Loopy Ewe and jumped to get a skein. So there it is–isn’t it pretty?

And finally remember when I went to Windy Knitty to see Angela? This is what I bought:
fleur de fiber aries oceanus

So that should be all on the new yarn posts for a while. I cannot buy any yarn for a while because my knitting time has lessened because my sister and I adopted Zoey a week ago:

My friends don’t have time for her any more and instead of taking her to a shelter I offered to take her. She’s very sweet and we have lots of fun together.

Fiber Therapy

Dee: I was feeling a bit irregular this weekend, it started yesterday.  Saturday just started out wrong so I decided I’d soothe my soul with some retail therapy.  I jumped in the car and headed off to one of my happy places…Nordstrom Rack.  I went in thinking about how much I really wanted some colorful jeans for spring but the styles were all wrong for me which was really disappointing so I headed off to shoes.  Shoes always make me feel better.  Sadly I couldn’t find a single pair to buy.  I didn’t think this was possible.  I always find a pair of shoes at the Rack but not this time.  Saturday ended and I was not appeased.

Today…Sunday…I took a peek at the ads in the paper and discovered that Tuesday Morning had yarn!!!  I jumped in the car and headed off to do some errands at the grocery store which just happens to share the same parking lot as Tuesday Morning.  Soon I had my arms loaded down with skeins of sock yarn. I carried them around the store with me whilst I was deciding how much fiber did I really need to feel better again.  I put all of it back in favor of one lovely skein of Araucania Lace Merino which is actually a light fingering weight.  So soft, so lovely, it was just the right thing to ease my constipated soul so I bought it and now I am much relieved.  I am regular once again and it only cost me $4.99.  I plan to make this cowl with it.  The skein is a lovely shade of taupe.  Ahhhhh……I will sleep peacefully tonight.