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Knitting with Chocolate and Coffee

Dee:  I’ve been knitting in and around all the shades of chocolate and coffee.  It wasn’t intentional, but it happened.   I am not a coffee drinker per se but I do indulge in a morning mocha whenever possible.  Chocolate and I are definitely very good friends.  We get together often!

I ended the knitting year with my favorite wearable knitted piece Mira’s Cowl.  I knit it with some Araucania Lace Merino that I got for an exceptional price at Tuesday Morning.  The yarn was a very light taupe so I’d consider this a coffee latte heavy on the cream.

2014-01-12 14.35.11

My first finished item of the new year was the Classic Watch Cap for my husband in a deep rich chocolate brown shade of Reynolds Soft Sea Wool.  Usually Mike is a “no hand knits for me because I’m always too hot kind of guy” but he requested the hat after he got caught out in the polar vortex with some truck trouble.

2014-01-19 20.13.14

Next was my Ravellenic project the Dutch Cowl.    Sadly I did not cross the finish line or break any world knitting records during it’s creation but it is quite beautiful in two shades of coffee Royal from Blue Sky Alpacas.

2014-03-07 14.15.23

Before the Olympics began I started a hat for Heidi out of the Icelandic wool she bought for me in Iceland.  I patterned the cap using one of the charts from the Lopi Wool booklet she also sent me. The yarn is in three shades of natural chocolatey brown Lopi wool.

2014-03-08 12.19.09

After receiving a lovely green Kumara Diamond Cap knitted hat for my birthday by the talented hands of my friend Kathryn, I decided to jump my queue and knit the same pattern for my friend Mary out of some yummy tweedy brown Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lana D’Oro.

2014-03-10 15.24.21

Currently on my needles is another Mira’s Cowl but this time out of Ella Rae Lace Merino in what was supposed to be a violet but ended up looking more like a very light lavender or baby blue depending on the lighting.  This cowl is fabulous.  I love the weight of the cowl around my neck.  This is a perfect accessory to add to my spring wardrobe should I be able to start wearing it anytime soon.  Happy knitting y’all!


In one of my many insane moments

Monica: I decided I wanted to knit stoles to give to my aunt and my aunt’s sister who both live in the Philippines. When I saw them in June they would pull out fabric scarves from their purses when the air conditioning got too cold. My aunt and uncle are heading there in October so I thought I could finish 2 before they left. I dug through the stash and found a few skeins of tencel yarn which was perfect because they do not need wool stoles in the Philippines. No matter how cold the air conditioning is. A few weeks ago I cast on and feverishly knit and knit until I finished one. It helped that I was on vacation for a week and I had some time on the plane to work on it.

Bird of Juno Stole
Pattern: Bird of Juno Scarf and Wrap by Michelle Miller
Yarn: Teresa Ruch Tencel 5/2

I have already knit this pattern 2 times but I knew this pattern was perfect for the yarn so I knit it again.
Closeup of lace pattern

Isn’t it the prettiest lace pattern? The minute I finished it I searched for another pattern because although I liked this pattern I didn’t think I could knit another one immediately after.

Nashira Stole
Pattern: Nashira Stole by knittedblissJC
Yarn: Teresa Ruch Tencel 5/2

The body of the scarf is made up of 2 rows and you had to knit it for 30 inches. Which was a large test of patience for me as I found it a little tedious and wanted to get to the exciting part.

Nashira Stole

But it’s really a beautiful pattern. I highly recommend both of them. And every photo shoot ends with Buddy doing this.

I want to go inside

It’s his “please please please let me go inside before Mom makes me model the stoles” photo.


Holden Shawlette
Pattern: Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes
Yarn: Tilli Tomas Disco Lights in Coral Sap

Monica: I had some yarn leftover from the previous shawl project but I didn’t weigh it to see how much yardage I had left so I decided to just go ahead and knit another shawl and see how big it would be. The yarn is heavier weight than what the pattern used and I used larger needles. I followed the pattern instructions to knit stockinette until I had 193 stitches before I started the feather and fan section but I only knit 2 rows of the lace part before I ran out of yarn. I decided I wanted more lace.

Wearing Holden

I ripped back to 141 stitches and instead of knitting 3 repeats in the pattern I knit 2. I also wasn’t able to knit as many iterations of the chart before I ran out of yarn. But I think it turned out okay.

Buddy roasting with shawl

It was big enough to wrap around Buddy while he roasted in the sun.

Pueblo Stole

Stole wrapped once
Pattern: Pueblo Stole by Carol Sunday in the Autumn colorway
Yarn: I bought the yarn as a kit from Carol Sunday’s booth at Stitches Midwest

Monica: I got this kit at Stitches Midwest about 3 years ago and it sat in The Stash mocking me for a while. It wasn’t a kit but all the yarns called for in the pattern so I have plenty leftover. I have enough to make these mittens and will probably have more leftover when I knit the mittens (although the jury is still out on that project because it involves embroidery).

Pueblo Stole

When I was done with my previous project I wanted to knit a project that involved color. Usually when I’m almost done with a project I have the next project picked out and ready to go but this time I didn’t. But I get into these modes where I just want to knit ASAP and I don’t have time to wind yarn. The other color projects I have required yarn-winding and pattern-hunting and needle-searching so I picked this one because everything was ready.

in natural light” alt=”” />

That’s how it looks in natural light rather than bathroom light. I still have to do some fringe trimming but I’m done with it. The pattern came with a chart that only went up to a certain number of rows so I came up with a spreadsheet to finish the rest of the pattern. If anyone wants to make this in the future and wants the spreadsheet I’d be happy to share.