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Finished in Less than a Month

yarma_medium2 (17)
Pattern:  Antrorse by Shannon Cook
Yarn:  Cascade Aran
Needle:  KP Size 10s

Lynette: Yay! I finished knitting my sweater for Nakniswemo on Ravelry in 22 days. I love this sweater so much that I’ll be casting on another sweater in the near future using stash yarn.  I actually counted my stitches during the the 22 days it took me to knit this, and I tallied 66,111 total stitches.

I thought silver buttons would look great with this sweater and ordered these.

Unfortunately, they were too small.  Too bad I didn’t actually measure before I ordered and only looked at the zoomed in pic.  I’ll just use them on another project. I then decided to pick some buttons from my large button stash and ended up using the dark wooden buttons on the lower-left.  I bought the buttoms from Etsy seller, SuppliesSundries. She has a great selection.
button choices

Monica and Dee, how did you do?


Halfway there?

This was a great weekend for knitting. I just finished on-call and was basically too tired to leave the house on Saturday.  It was Day 7 and I knit a total of 3,360.  Yesterday, I knit over 10K, and here’s my progress.
antrorse 2
I’m knitting my sweater with positive ease (a first for me), and I truly hope I calculated correctly.  I measured and it’s about 20″ almost time for the garter trim.  If I estimated accurately, I will be finished with the body by the end of the week.  Crossing fingers.

My other activity on Saturday was baking old-fashioned biscuits with my Gracie.  I am channeling my mom’s cooking vibes really heavy these days.  Anyway, Gracie and I were a tad bit excited with the rolling, and our biscuits were flat. Still delicious though.
FullSizeRender (19)

Gracie also asked for meatballs and spaghetti so we made these turkey meatballs.  No pics because they were that delicious!

Progress and a New Book

Lynette:  I cast on for my sweater last night and managed to knit 4,620 stitches. The yarn is so squishy and soft and I LOVE knitting garter stitch.  I haven’t yet began knitting tonight, but hopefully I can crank out just as many stitches as last night.
antrorse progress pic1

On a separate note, mail came today.  I ordered Mini Skein Knits last week.
I saw this cute sweater pattern on Ravelry called A Mermaid Darkly.  Once I complete my Nakniswemo sweater, I’ll be casting on for it.

Well, it’s time to work on my project.  Stay tuned…

I’m In Too!

Lynette:   I saw Dee’s Facebook post a few days ago about NaKniSweMo and decided to cast (on) myself in the ring. I joined a few years ago attempting to knit Beatnik, which ended in two knitted sleeves only. This year, I will try very hard to knit to completion.  My project is Antrorse, and I was inspired by Susan B. Anderson’s knitting progress.  I follow her on Instagram and FB (I’m a social media stalker). The sweater is simple enough with just enough detail to make it interesting and gorgeous.

I made a quick trip to The Knitche yesterday to pick out yarn.  Ann was very helpful in helping me select my final choice.

I’ve printed my pattern, filled in the appropriated stitch counts and I’m ready to cast on.
antrorse 1

Wish me luck as I’m ready to cast on. I promise to post progress pics, and hopefully a finished sweater by the end of November.

Happy – Week 2

Lynette:  I successfully posted another week of happy moments.  I’m beginning to notice a trend.  Many of my happy moments involve being in the garden or being with my family.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

1.  Finding this in my son’s room a day after he left
2.  I’ll cya later Miles!
3.  Satisfying my sweet tooth
4.  She picked them yesterday and eating them this morning
5.  My first tomato
6.  My garden buddy
7.  Taking basil from the garden and adding it to my omelet

Unless I have some knitting to report, I’ll see you next week! 😀


My First Week of Happy

Lynette:  Thanks Monica for letting Dee and I know about the #100happydays project.  It hasn’t been difficult to find a moment in a day to select for moments of happiness.  Actually, I started taking more pictures thinking each one would be my ‘happy moment’, but something happened each day last week that revealed that moment.  Below is a collage of my happy moments.  I’m posting my pics on Instagram via @loneal19 if you want to see them daily.

.  Morning obligatory pic. I think he’s warming up to our “photo shoots”. Lol!
2.  New planters for my garden
3.  Congratulations Janiyah!
4.  Having my daughter make breakfast for me
5.  The first of many summer bulbs has surfaced
6.  Being presented with a blanket for mom knit by my friends
7.  This moment…having dinner with my mom and family

I look forward to sharing next week’s happy moments.

So Wearable

Pattern:   Chunky Cardigan by S. Cole
Yarn:       Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool
Needle:   KP Harmony Size 10s

Lynette:  I have found my new go-to cardigan. I love it! I started it sometime last fall as a KAL with my friend, Pam. She finished hers way before me, and hers looked great. I couldn’t wait to finish mine too. I took my cardigan to the knitting retreat this past January and made a lot of progress. I called it my origami cardigan because of the construction.

As I neared the bind-off, I knew I wanted my cardigan to stand out and look unique. I asked Pam if I could have her leftover yarn from her cardigan and used it for the hem of my sleeves and bottom of the cardi. This made me love it even more.

The collar was both arduous and simple. I cast on in green and had to knit 85″ of ribbing then attach it to the sweater using the mattress stitch. Pam suggested that I not knit the entire length of the ribbing because her collar hung much lower than the actual sweater.  What I did was to knit about 79″ then began to seam the collar to the sweater.  As I neared, the bottom, I continued to knit and seam so that it matched perfectly.  Finally, I bound off the ribbing collar with the green to match the strip along the back seam.

While knitting the collar, I was visiting my mom in the hospital and she thought I was knitting scarf to match.  When the cardi was finally finished, I wore it out and showed my mom what she believed was a scarf. She thought it was amazing how you knit up pieces then it becomes one unit. I’m still trying to get her to knit. 😉

Since my cardi has been finished, I’ve been wearing it almost everywhere. Now that spring weather is really here (some days), it’s almost too warm to wear it.

Do you have a favorite knitted go-to sweater you love to wear?

Ravellenic Goal: Eight Cowls

Lynette:  Since Christmastime, deep down I knew I’d be knitting cowls during the Ravellenics. The realization began even before that. I pick up my granddaughter from school most days, and I had knit her a cute cowl last fall for the cooler temperatures. One of her teachers immediately told me how much she loves Gracie’s cowl, and how much she loves the color pink. Subtle much?

I smiled and thanked the teacher and thought I’d knit her a gift for Christmas. I even bought the yarn at one of my trips to Michaels. Well, that holiday came and went with no teacher gifts. It was after Christmas that I knew I would be knitting cowls. And, of course, I couldn’t just knit a cowl for one teacher…there are at least four (4) teachers that need to be included. They’re great with all the kids.

Thus, Ravellenic knitting plans ensued…to knit up as many as eight (8) cowls during the Ravellenics events. I’m happy to report that I did knit all the cowls and gifted the teachers on Valentine’s Day. Without further ado, here are my completed projects for the 2014 Ravellenics Winter Events. I tried to make knitting all that ribbing fun by naming some of my projects after Olympic events.


Pattern:  Luxe aka Ravellenic Luxe #1   
Yarn:   Loops and Threads Cozy Wool
This is the long-awaited pink cowl for Ms. A.


Pattern:  Luxe aka Ravellenic Luxe #2     
Yarn:  Loops and Threads Cozy Wool
Here’s the same cowl in purple using a larger needle size.


Pattern:  Simple Ribbed Cowl aka Next Up – Simple Ribbed Cowl   
Yarn:  Loops and Threads Cozy Wool

Pattern: Simple Ribbed Cowl aka Pink Ribbed Cowl Event   
Yarn:  Loops and Threads Cozy Wool
Those are the teacher gifts.   After knitting these super simple cowls, I decided I wanted one for myself so here’s mine. Looks the same as above.


Pattern:  Simple Ribbed Cowl aka Next Up – Simple Ribbed Cowl 2.0    
Yarn:  Loops and Threads Cozy Wool


Pattern:  Garter Stitch Neck Sock aka Pink Lemonade Garter Ridge Cowl   
Yarn:  Colinette Prism
I decided to shop my stash for my next cowl and found this yarn. It’s Colinette Prism circa early 2000s (Monica, may have a more precise timeframe when we bought this).


Pattern:  Thermis aka Thermis 200m    
Yarn:  Hand-dyed Sweet Grass Wool 2-ply targhee
This cowl is for a swap partner that I’ll be mailing out this weekend. I think I need to knit another one for myself.

And lastly…


Pattern:  Woodland Cowl aka Woodland Cowl Last Leg Event    
This is for one of my neighbors.  It’s not a model photo because the buttons aren’t sewn on yet. I’m waiting for dark, chocolate wooden buttons to arrive. These buttons were purchased from Etsy seller Supplies n’ Sundries. Great buttons!

I’m not sure I’ll get any official Ravellenic medals for my completed projects, but I knit them all for the love of the games.

Happy knitting!!

2014 Bunch of Stitches Knitting Retreat

Lynette:  On Knitting Retreats..

Our knitting group, called Bunch of Stitches, had its first get together or retreat this past weekend. I invited Monica, her sister and a few of my former co-workers whom I used to knit with. We had a fantastic time in spite of the weather.

Actually, I think some of us were hoping we’d get snowed in. LOL!  Anyway, we all showed up at various times on Friday and Saturday morning to what I thought would be a rustic cabin with outhouses, but we arrived to a very modern-looking and most comfortable lodge. The hospitality committee of wild turkeys came to greet us at the lodge.


Monica’s flight was delayed several times leaving Seattle back to Chicago, and I feared she would miss the weekend. However when her flight touched down in Chicago after 9p, she and her sister decided to trek it to the retreat. And we’re so glad they did.

Debbie from our group decided to order bags for the retreat, and they turned out great.

This year, our knit group decided to have a swap where we knit from the stash for each other. We exchanged our gifts on Friday night.  I wish I could’ve gotten pictures of all the gifts, but I missed a few of them. But everyone loved their gifts.  In all, we exchanged fair isle cowls, scarves, sweaters, shawls, cowls and mittens.


I received an amazing red cardigan called Bay and Cables by Cecily McGowan Glowick. I saw Debbie knitting the cardigan and complimented her on the color and pattern so many times. I had no idea it was for me! It fits perfectly.  She also knit me a project from my queue, the Seyfert Cowl by Norah Gaughan.  Both amazing gifts!


This could be a long post, but it would only be about sitting in the lodge around the fireplace while eating,


talking and laughing –


Friday night through Sunday morning so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy knitting, and I can’t wait for the next retreat.

My WIPS Sweater Queue

Lynette:    I commented on Dee’s post yesterday about the upcoming Ravellenics and what project I may be knitting. Originally, I had decided I wanted to tackle a sweater during the two weeks. And it’s totally doable except I already have three (3) sweaters on the needles.  I could join the the Ravellenics WIPS Dancing event and finish up an existing sweater. However, I’ve decided to knit about 8-10 cowls instead. That’s another blog post entirely.

Back to my sweaters that have been patiently waiting in line to be completed since late last fall.

First up is Beatnik. This was originally going to be my 2013 “I’m not going to Rhinebeck” sweater, but I opted to start and finished Levenwick (project page link) instead.  Funny, how my mind/hands work.

modeling levenwick2 modeling levenwick

Pattern:  Levenwick by Gundrun Johnston
Yarn:  Queensland Kathmandu DK

For the Beatnik sweater, I got frustrated with not being able to see the stitches since the yarn is so dark. I eventually bought an Ott Light and knitting will commence soon.

Next up is the Chunky Cardigan. I started this KAL with my friend, Pam.  I wanted an oversized cardigan I could snuggle in.  I took a break to work on a gift for my son who is in the Navy (another post).   I decided I’m taking this as my knitting project during next weekend’s knitting retreat.   My equation: Big needles + big yarn + 2 days of knitting = LOTS OF PROGRESS.

Lastly, I’m currently working on the Backbone sweater. I love the vintage look of it…the collar and sleeves, and of course, the backbone cabling down the back. I just separated the sleeves so I’m hoping it’ll basically knit itself the rest of the way.

Here’s hoping my next post will be a finished sweater project.  Happy knitting and stay warm!